GPS on Galaxy S3

mike16, Feb 19, 3:00am
My gps tells me on a completely sunny day that "the gps has lost contact" or something like that.
It worked until a few days ago as I use the gps several days a week. It sort of comes and goes with the connection.
It has only just started this and it's hard for a country boy to follow a map on a small screen when the gps fails in Auckland.
Help please !

wayne416, Feb 19, 3:10am
Remove the back and tighten the case screws.

wayne416, Feb 19, 3:18am
To reset and test GPS install this after tightening screws, Also settings, location, make sure GPS satellites is ticked which will assist finding and locking on.

flower_tears, Feb 19, 5:04am
Did you happen to install HERE the offline navigation app?, for some reason it screwed my GPS signal reception on my Note 3, looks like a bug. Uninstalled, reset the GPS data and it's fixing within seconds again!.

wayne416, Feb 19, 5:40am
HERE was in beta until last weekend, final out now, you won't find a better navigation app. It DID have GPS problems, fixed now but should not have affected the phones GPS for other uses.

mike16, Feb 19, 6:47pm
Thanks Wayne . I ve tightened the screws and downloaded the gps fix . what does ir mean when the little gps light blinks at the top left of the fone? Does it mean its looking for a signal or struggling to hold the one it;s got or somesuch ?

wayne416, Feb 19, 9:05pm
Flashing means its searching for satellites and and when locked it stops flashing. That app will tell you how many it can see and how many its locked on to. What happens sometimes is using the phone on dashboard as a GPS phone gets very hot in sun and can loosen or distort the case so the little aerial contacts for GPS loose contact with the aerials mounted on back. I had that problem so removed back and bent up the contacts slightly an it fixed mine Screws loosening stopping GPS is a known problem with some Samsungs and would say a lot of others but may not be your problem. May have been an easy fix. Not all GPS in phones are equal, some good and some are a joke particularly imported Chinese phones and tablets.

wayne416, Feb 19, 9:31pm

mike16, Feb 20, 3:56am
Thx again Wayne . I'll let you know next week when I deliver to Auckland !
I've got my daughter's S3 ( I bought it for her 2nd hand but she wanted sumtin new ! ) . anyway . I've tightened the screws on that as well.
Thx again for your trouble.
Mike , Paeroa

mike16, Feb 21, 5:15am
Wayne . how about this one !
My mate has an S4 which , when connected to internet and apps the fone is liable to just shut off ! He has to reboot ! He says it has always done this. Why he didnt take it back first time he doesn't know . in fact he thought that was the way it went ! Dumb! When just on fone and txting it stays alive ok ! U suggested a restore but he's not to keen . again . dumb as I would have done that,
Any help ? Thx, Mike , Paeroa

wayne416, Feb 21, 7:54am
Remove battery and push all buttons, refit and try that, and/or check it is running latest updates because i Googled it, seems may have been fixed with an update, common problem with S4 apparently. If it has flash player app try it without it by uninstalling it.

mike16, Jul 21, 4:03am
Much appreciated, thank you !

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