Ethernet questions

Awhile ago I tried to combine mysky HDI with my Vodafone fibre service but the installer couldn't get it to work.

I just purchased a Panasonic Blu-Ray home theatre system that has an Ethernet connection. When I tried to connect it using the cable installed by the technician it wouldn't connect. However when I used a 10 metre cable just running through the rooms (router is in a different room) it immediately connected.

Am I correct in thinking the installer has incorrectly wired the cable he installed, and that caused the sky through Vodafone fibre to fail?

Also is it one cable to each device?

Thanks in advance.

geek_kiwikidd77, Jun 26, 6:22 pm

Ethernet, yes one cable to each device. There are 'splitters' available to connect two devices over one cable such as a PC & Network Printer, but the trade-off is reduced Network speed (down to 100mbps) because you only have 2 pairs instead of 4 which gives 1Gb capability.
Do you still have the MySky unit to try with your working cable?
Did the installer fit an RJ45 socket by your Router and by your TV and supply 2 short patch leads, or did he just run a cable under floor and put an RJ45 plug on each end? Either way, the fact it works with a loose long lead but not via the wired one indicates a fault in the wired link. Missing or crossed pair. Really surprising because there are inexpensive testers for this which any cabler worth even half a pinch of salt should have to test for continuity and crossed-pairs. It's easy to not fully-crimp a connector, I've done it myself, and that's why you test afterward to make sure it works. Google 'ethernet cable tester' images and you'll see what I mean. Get him back! (at no charge) :-)

geek_cookee_nz, Jun 26, 6:52 pm

Thanks cookee_NZ the wiring goes through walls no outlets on walls just the cable coming out via a plastic cover. Can't be unplugged at the wall. So definitely not wired correctly from what you've confirmed. Chorus was the installer. I don't have the Vodafone box. Since it never worked I returned it. Fortunately I'd not cancelled Sky.

I'll contact Vodafone and maybe try to combine again. Especially since the HD ticket is free with Vodafone.

geek_kiwikidd77, Jul 19, 11:07 pm

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