Got the Lucky Search virus a few days ago

cjdnzl, Apr 7, 11:47am
from a legit (I thought) download. Spent 3 days trying to get rid of it, malware Bytes thought it had, but no.
So today, wiped the entire hard drive with zeroes and reinstalled WIn7. Runs sweetly now, and the damned virus is gone. I wouldn't mind 5 minutes alone with the pimply little bastards who write this garbage. They'd have to type with a stick in their mouth after what I would do to their hands.

farwest, Apr 7, 8:37pm
You could have gone to Bleeping Computer, and asked for help on their forum.

nice_lady, Apr 7, 8:41pm
wiping your drive seems an extreme 'fix'
You didn't ask here for help either ?

king1, Apr 7, 8:46pm
HUGE overkill.

tintop, Apr 7, 9:25pm
Any site where you need to use the site supplied 'downloader' should be avoided.

At least it is probable that it will contain the 'ask' toolbar, at worst it will contain a full blown browser hijack.

kitkat66, Apr 7, 9:43pm
I had that and hitman pro in safe mode took it off in 20 mins all up, as above, formatting the drive - over kill.

newbie5, Apr 7, 10:46pm
That would be just about every site you have to download something from and that includes Windows update

cjdnzl, Mar 7, 3:53am
I don't need to ask for help, and I had my suspicions about some other nasties, and when mbam didn't look at it I decided to have a proper clean-up. Sweet as now.

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