Windows 10 installation Something Happened error

Just download the Windows 10 Full ISO from the microsoft website when i click on Upgrade this PC option it comes up with a message saying Something Happened and can not install windows 10 installed windows 10 on my laptop with the ISO with no issues at all but for some reason it wont install on my desktop pc it has windows 8.1 running on it. can anyone tell me how to fix this issue thanks :-)

geek_psgarrett, Jul 31, 2:07 pm

CHECK its fully updated with windows update.

geek_wayne416, Jul 31, 2:13 pm

I suggest just to wait and not waste time now. There a plenty of threads on various tech forums suggesting all kinds of possible causes for that and other update errors, and plenty of replies saying that the suggested fixes didn't work. If the same ISO worked on another machine, then you've eliminated one given explanation, that the d/l or ISO was incomplete/corrupt.

One thing seems to have worked though - MS have created a whole new and probably enduring meaning for the statement "something happened" - to describe when something actually doesn't happen at all.

geek_mm12345, Jul 31, 3:20 pm

all good got windows 10 now thanks for your help :-)

geek_psgarrett, Jul 31, 5:07 pm

I have to say that despite some similar hiccups getting it to install (I ended up d/l the ISO, as it was repeatedly failing to upgrade via update), the upgrade is the least hassle of any windows version upgrade I've done, no issues at all (no nuisances like migrating / importing settings, email etc) I'm using it on an laptop used as HTPC. The scaling on text etc is much better than Win7.

geek_mm12345, Jul 31, 5:42 pm

What did you do to get it going?

geek_datoofairy, Jul 31, 7:37 pm

geek_csador, Jul 31, 8:27 pm

Under Control Panel > Region > Administrative > Change system locale. select 'English (United States)'

geek_vtecintegra, Jul 31, 9:05 pm

Installed windows updates then opened up command prompt and entered wuauclt.exe / updatenow and it automatically started downloading windows 10

geek_psgarrett, Jul 31, 11:34 pm

I finally got things going last night by using the media creator to put the update on a flash drive and installed from that. I left it installing over night and when I got up earlier it was ready to set the settings. It hung for quite a while after doing the settings, but there was a message saying it was taking longer than usual and to wait. It finally moved on from that but now it's been sitting with a black screen with white mouse pointer for about 20 mins. I'm not sure if I should turn it off or what.

geek_datoofairy, Aug 1, 7:13 am

Have restarted and everything seems to be working great.
One thing I would say to those who are like me and arent such whizzes at these things is when you get to the screen where you choose the settings, instead of just blindly clicking to accept the settings they choose for you, look for the tiny link to customise the settings yourself. If you dont, you are basically giving Microsoft full control over everything. I turned off every one of those settings. I like to at least feel like its still my computer.

geek_datoofairy, Aug 1, 7:32 am

I'm just working through the download now, and before I did this, I got the 'something happened' message.

Why did I need to change these settings to make it work? Download is on it's way now - 10%

geek_xxsaffyxx, Apr 12, 11:02 pm

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