Fibre optic broadband cabling query.

Decided to get this. My query is that given it is fibre optic and we have hidden copper wire cabling throughout the house, presumably they have to get fibre optic from the street to the house, to the new modem? Or do they?

So the system reverts from fibre to copper cable, but at what point? Pre or post modem? At the street? Sorry, but fibre optic seems like witchcraft to a non-techie.

geek_socram, Mar 2, 10:43 am

You get a new Optical Network Terminal box inside your house that the fibre connects to, and your existing internal phone wiring connects to the phone port on that. You also get a new "data gateway" (router) that plugs into the ONT data port, and any internal network cabling and WiFi clients connect to the router.

So it is all copper after the ONT, which is inside your house.

geek_drsr, Mar 2, 11:20 am

Presuming that you have underground cabling be aware that the route from the street to your house may well not follow the existing cable irrespective the information sheet you receive might suggest.
As I found out (too late) the preferred option is straight up the main driveway using a 'slit trench cutter' as necessary to cut the concrete free hand !

geek_asmawa1, Mar 2, 11:32 am

Mine went under the lawn to the nearest part of the house. The TV was in that corner, so the ONT and modem/router now sit behind that.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 2, 1:11 pm

Yes that was my expectation until the contractors, subcontractors and a cast of others arrived unannounced at various times. When I challenged that the route planning and installation method was at odds with the information sheet I had received I was told that it had been approved off the plans without a site visit or consultation, to comply with their best practice (cheapest option) directive.

geek_asmawa1, Mar 2, 3:46 pm

You can pay money to have the trenching done properly.

geek_spyware, Mar 2, 4:04 pm

Couldn't have put it better !

geek_asmawa1, Mar 2, 4:27 pm

So not so straightforward at all. No mention of this was made by the (Indian) salesman - who I could barely understand anyway, when he rang.

He rang back a couple of days later requesting a mobile number. Told him I didn't have one and he got most frustrated saying they had to have one. For a land line installation? Weird.

The new modem (I presume) arrived by courier a couple of days later but I was told to leave it for the installers, so the courier bag is still unopened.

Ours is a two storey house on a concrete base so could be fun getting a new cable through as the original connection to the house has since been covered with a wall lining!

geek_socram, Mar 3, 10:14 am

You should get a visit from someone who will assess the requirements of the job. Then assuming it's feasible your next visit should be the guys who thrust or trench the cable carrier tube from the roadway to the house. Following that the next guys will push the actual fibre cable to the house through that carrier tube and connect it to a box on the outside of the house. The final visit will be the guys who run the cable internally to the outlet point you have chosen inside your house.

geek_nice_lady, Mar 3, 10:51 am

Our cable was drilled under cobbles to an outside wall. It's a 2 story house and where I wanted was a bit challenging. The pre-planner chose to have the exterior (paintable) cable enter the eaves then into attic where it will follow the sky dish cable back downstairs and enter lounge via an internal wall at the TV. and phone jack.
The 2nd level installers arrived this arvo to port from house to local box (30 metres away) but our connection was incorrectly routed into the wrong port. Ours is the first UFF installation in the area.

geek_fishb8, Mar 3, 5:39 pm

It's because your original copper line may have to be disconnected, e.g. if they have to use it to pull the fibre through or if your existing phone line is on a pole, so you may be without a phone line for a while if there are any problems with the fibre install.

geek_drsr, Mar 3, 5:59 pm

Thanks. Funny that he couldn't explain that!

I suppose that these days, some seem to think no one can possibly survive without an all singing, all dancing mobile device, that is easy to lose, sit on, drop, or needs an extra pocket in your clothes, rather than relying on an answerphone or computer or land line.

I do keep a cheap $19 pre pay one in the old car, as it is part of the emergency toolkit - or I can let my wife know when I am on the way home if I remember to take it - and it costs about $3 a year.

geek_socram, Mar 3, 6:31 pm

i had a guy come around twice to have a look at my property and see what would be required for the install, then about 3 months later they came back and actually did it

geek_csador, Mar 3, 7:34 pm

In three months time, they'll need more than a mobile number to keep in touch.

geek_socram, Mar 4, 10:16 am

Contractors came around yesterday and had to dig a big hole to connect us to the correct port. We are the first house of about 250 to be connected to UFF and that was wrongly connected. wonder how many others have the same issue?
Supposed to be connected on 18th but still need the stage 2 connection from house to cabinet to be made.
Have given current ADSL ISP, 28 days notice so still leaves 10 days leeway.

geek_fishb8, Mar 12, 8:46 am

They were supposed to come Friday, pm. (no approximate time, so could have been anything from noon to midnight), to do the assessment. Had less than 24 hours notice via email without any consultation or discussion as to whether this was a convenient time.

No one turned up. No message. No email. No phone call.

Rang them Tuesday - and was on hold for about 15 minutes. Apparently they have a 'network problem' whatever that means. They'll get back to me - eventually, but no apology from the assessors.

It is not looking very good and as I rely on the internet, I am wondering if this is too early to sign up for fibre as it may still be in the teething problems stage.

Post above just reinforces that feeling.

geek_socram, Mar 13, 6:05 pm

no teething problems with the actual network, im very happy with it now that its all installed, just typical tradies that dont turn up when they say they will basically

geek_csador, Mar 13, 9:06 pm

I ordered it Monday last week. On Monday they had a look, planned it to use the existing conduit. Yesterday they ran the fibre from the street to the house. This afternoon they ran the cable under the house to my connection point, hooked it up, and away they went. 1 1/2 weeks from order to install, and it's happily running at advertised connection speeds. Very happy.

geek_tjharris, Mar 13, 9:33 pm

For our install, new cable under the lawn, new Chorus box (2, 1 inside, one outside) and new ISP router and obviously new fibre cable. The copper is never used.

Someone else's had concrete ground a townhouse near to the CBD. They used ducting over the house like electrical cable to the house. Brand new boxes, brand new cables. Copper not used.

geek_rayonline_tm, Mar 15, 11:37 am

Before and after drawings of our internet and phone system when we changed from Spark copper to MyRepublic fibre.
Phones are connected to the Huawei ONT. Operation is no different to when we were on copper, except for Caller ID etc that is now available on the kitchen cordless phone.

geek_sparkyz, Mar 15, 4:56 pm

Re: the phone.

Someone else is with My Republic but they only have one phone simple.

For us. We are with Snap. They used the lounge's wall phone jack and plugged a double adaptor so one to the router and one for our cordless phone system. All the other phones in the other 4 bedrooms etc . rang just like before as it did on ADSL.

We installed a network switch but that was just installing network wall plates in the bedrooms for future proofing and for bro and myself's computers. But they are not used for the phones as now. Maybe in the future should the world really go with VOIP phone sets.

geek_rayonline_tm, Mar 15, 5:50 pm

The contractors thought my ground was a bit hard to dig a trench. So I dug it for them. Then they stuffed around for months so I told them to cancel the installation. Who are these idiots in Chorus?

geek_trade4us2, Mar 15, 5:56 pm

Its up to you if you want to go with VoIP. Build a SIP server and buy a registered trunk. It won't be happening otherwise.

geek_spyware, Mar 15, 6:38 pm

You're in Auckland by the looks, so it's sub contracted to Visionstream, and you are correct, they are muppets.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Mar 15, 8:46 pm

Spark have just sent me another offer for UFB. I suppose they will me phoning me soon.
I had a look in all the UFB boxes along my street, and nobody else has UFB.

geek_trade4us2, Mar 15, 9:43 pm

Well normal landlines can work with the Snap router. That's the same thing right, what is the difference?

I was meaning, you can get proper office VOIP phones like Cisco for the home which you can just plug it into a wall network jack. Thus you could just get away with a network switch with your router.

geek_rayonline_tm, Mar 15, 10:54 pm

Isp provide a free local number, most do anyway unless you go naked fiber. Some isp also provide more than one number if you need. The landline simply plugs into the snap router or the chorus box with someone's my republic. There's caller id, voicemail etc emailed voice messages.

What does real SIP offer?

geek_rayonline_tm, Mar 15, 11:36 pm

My install today never went ahead. Stage 2 to connect from house to cabinet hasn't happened.
Told the "blow" team will arrive tomorrow.
Final install on 31st. Going to be without BB/phone for a few days.

geek_fishb8, Mar 18, 10:43 pm

No one turned up. No message. No email. No phone call.

Apparently they have a 'network problem' whatever that means. Sounds like a neural network problem.

geek_rojill, Mar 19, 11:28 am

The 'blower' guys turned up, yesterday and put in the optical cable from the roadside cabinet, to the house. Never realised it was so thin. the inner optical bit is only 0.08mm. a hair's breadth!
Should be completed in 11 days.

geek_fishb8, Mar 21, 8:15 am

Right to HO .
Lots of mixed info & bollocks going on here above.

You should have had an inspector over to personally access all the trenching & connection specs for YOUR property, both internally & externally.
The cable installation contractors will re-access the cable path & connection box's WHEN they get there.
They will trench or thrust (or both) the easiest path from the street connection to the outside of the house.
They then install a simple external connection box (ENT) to the outside of your house.

The next step is done by a cable connection tech who will connect the outside cable to inside that outside connection box through to a mutually agreed & preferred spot for the inside fiber to copper converter box (ONT) & from there to a router (typically a combo copper/fiber VDSL router).
From there you simply connect your computers/ house network to the new router


You can simply read this . >>

geek_mrfxit, Mar 21, 4:24 pm

They need a cell number to make sure they can contact you regardless of you being home or not.
Often they have a very tight time frame window for arriving at each property which is approx 30 minutes, hence the need for a cell number.

geek_mrfxit, Mar 21, 4:28 pm

In new connections areas, it's fairy common to have fluctuating speeds & minor outages during the process of connecting the majority of the whole area.
It will settle down as the whole area is done.

We have had our own area done recently-ish & have a major cable junction outside our property & the main cabinet about 50 meters down the road.
Our general surfing speeds appear to be slightly faster then a good ADSL-2 connection but download & upload speeds have dramatically increased.
Streaming internet based movies on pc's is pretty good now.
Multiple pc's running/working doesn't seem to make any difference to general speeds

geek_mrfxit, Mar 21, 4:39 pm

Bottom half of this page has expanding menu's that explain whats done

geek_mrfxit, Mar 21, 4:49 pm

Doesn't explain why they didn't use the number they have, to tell us they wouldn't even be coming to do the assessment.

geek_socram, Mar 21, 8:23 pm

Random screwups from the contractors or sub-contractors.

geek_mrfxit, Mar 21, 9:49 pm

Here's a pic of inner UFB cable. about 6 times magnification.

2 fine wires inside an oil filled blue sheath.
Do the blue and yellow inner wires (fibre optics) work together or separately?

geek_fishb8, Mar 24, 9:56 pm

they are independent. Future-proofing.

geek_cookee_nz, Mar 24, 11:10 pm

Nope not the original intention
1 is for BB
1 is for Voip services.

Interestingly, we can also use std ph's & have std ph services over BB.

geek_mrfxit, Mar 28, 9:11 am

Uff installed today with My Republic.
Lan. 8/95/45
Tablet. 7/75/19
VoIP not working, though???

geek_fishb8, Apr 1, 6:53 pm

What's your reference for that mr?, thing is that the ONT which Chorus supply only has one fibre-in port, so there is nowhere with the current rollout for the second fibre strand to be connected anyway. However damaged fibres were not uncommon, just a dead link and the installers would have to revert to the secondary Orange one, no problem so long as the customer never needs the second one, that would require potentially a full re-blow.

geek_cookee_nz, Apr 3, 7:21 pm

He rang me too! I'm also on the North Shore, perhaps we're nearly neighbours.

When I said I wasn't the account holder, he said he couldn't speak to me, and I said that placed him at a disadvantage because his competitors were keen to speak with me, we're keen to get the service, and I'm the one he's going to need to speak with. I suggested he email the account holder at the address on the account and ask for permission to arrange the install with , and a week later there's nothing. I get better service from the Microsoft Helpdesk than this guy.

geek_gyrogearloose, Apr 3, 7:32 pm

it could be worse:

"The clash between the old world and the new is sharply in focus in the crowded 3,000-year-old holy city of Varanasi, where many devout Hindus come to die in the belief that doing so will give them salvation. Varanasi is also home to hundreds of macaque monkeys that live in its temples and are fed and venerated by devotees.

But the monkeys also feast on the fiber-optic cables that are strung along the banks of the Ganges river.

"We cannot move the temples from here. We cannot modify anything here, everything is built up. The monkeys, they destroy all the wires and eat all the wires," said communications engineer AP Srivastava.".

geek_zak410, Mar 27, 3:52 pm

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