Can I set camera to take 3 shots like Photo Booth?

devine-spark, Mar 26, 4:11pm
I have an Canon 7D and have been asked to do a Photo Booth for a wedding. So they want 3 shots with a few seconds between them, and set up to print immediately.
I believe it can be done with an iPad
Way beyond me I think. but I do have gear. So I will need a laptop, printer, camera, but how to set up? or iPad?

..pip.., Mar 26, 7:19pm
Will cost a fortune if you are going to print photos every time. Especially with drunk people at a wedding who might do 3 shots each ie 9 photos to print.

As a wedding photographer I'm suggesting you might be biting off more than you can chew. Better value for money for the couple to actually hire a photo booth. Have seen plenty of them and they print one copy of the photo for the couple as well as one copy for the people who took the photo.

sqidlie, Mar 26, 10:47pm
Yeah, but Brand and model printer do you have?
The whole thing depends on that
Are you printing 3 images to one 6 X 4 sheet or 3 6X4 images

oclaf, Mar 27, 5:05am

Honestly it will be cheaper, the results better and drunk Uncle Gary wont break your camera.

devine-spark, Mar 27, 9:39am
I have discussed it with them and they are happy with one photo of each person or couple. So now I have props and frame, and have decided to use the 600d instead. Uncle Gary has been arrested.

devine-spark, Mar 27, 9:39am
And instead of printing on the night will send it with a thank you note.

sqidlie, Mar 27, 10:43am
Pity you didn't have one of these

The printer via its built in screen and menu can let you select 1 - 2 -3 or even up to 6 photos to be printed to just 1 6X4 photo paper
Very portable, great quality prints and photos are sent to it via bluetooth from your I Pad or memory card
All you would have needed was a power outlet to run the printer , no laptop needed at all

devine-spark, Mar 27, 10:54am
Agreed squidlie.

devine-spark, Mar 30, 10:20pm
We had an awesome time with Photo Booth!
Amazing how people like to dress up and pose. They were queued up before I even had the camera out.

nzdoug, Apr 7, 10:02pm
The idea is to have 3 different images to choose the best expressions, not total number of prints.
I dont think you csn on a 7D but ask on a Canon forum or really rtfm.

You can have long cable release or wireless cable release that the self portrait shooter can fire on hi or low bursts.
My phone can do busrts for selecs, in portrait it shoots 6 pr 7 , depending on light levels. The phone can set the cam to make funny noises for kid shots.

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