HELP again Please

joanjett, Apr 7, 10:47pm
mum brought a new game and downloaded it and played it all fine. last night her pc would not shut down . and now when she goes to play a game she cannot as the pc says there is already a game in the background. we have found it is the new game. fine so I go the add and delete programes and it says I cannot because its still running . what can I do as I cannot shut it down ?

nice_lady, Apr 7, 10:53pm
open task manager (hold alt/ctrl and click del one time) then find the game listed there under processes and right click it and 'end task'

joanjett, Apr 7, 11:01pm
Thank you so much Nice Lady. you are a nice lady and It worked perfectly have a great day :-)

asmawa1, Apr 8, 4:48am

schizoid, Apr 8, 4:51am
I wouldn't be so sure about that lady part.

suicidemonkey, Mar 13, 2:59am
tech hubby? :P

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