Larger key keyboards

Has anyone seen these in NZ. I am after one with the larger keys and a full row of function keys.

I know I can get them from overseas, but just wondering if anyone in NZ has them.

geek_kenw1, Aug 26, 10:24 am

You're in luck - there's one on here right now, starting at only 30 bucks too

geek_peja, Aug 26, 10:31 am

Thanks, but no function keys.

A large %age of what I do is from the function keys. But the bigger keys would be good for entering the callsign etc.

I use it during ham radio contests and it gets a big fraught at times, someone said they used a bigger key and it reduced the entry errors.

geek_kenw1, Aug 26, 10:49 am

LOL yea Nah, just need thinner fingers like the wifes.

geek_mrfxit, Aug 26, 2:08 pm

Most gamers need fast keyboards with extra options. So look around for gamer keyboards.

That and something like multiple keyboards; one dedicated for text entry (like the one posted with large keys?) and another set up with a bunch of special functions/macros;

geek_gblack, Aug 26, 2:20 pm

Thanks, unfortunately I would prefer a cordless keyboard, there is a lot of RF floating around and I need ferrite suppressors on all the PC cables, both for pickup and radiation from the PC.

There is a goodun available from the states where there is a higher demand, might just have to bite the bullet.

To deal with multiple keyboards would be too much complexity for a simple function, already going to be dealing with multiple transceivers/aerials/aerial rotators etc.

geek_kenw1, Aug 26, 5:46 pm

Never needed all that for a ZC1 :)

geek_tintop, Aug 26, 10:02 pm

Nope, the world has moved on a bucket load since the old 19 set.

Interesting to watch the videos of SO2R operations.

This is the video to make all envious.

geek_kenw1, Jan 10, 4:56 am

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