Here is the scenario

niklaus, Feb 20, 10:01am
Work mate approaches me probably 4 months ago, his 27" LCD monitor not working (high end probably 4 years old) out of warranty. Anyway I plug into my computer, wont power up. He asks my opinion, which was either 1) take into repairer and get quote, may cost you diagnosis fee, might not be worth repairing, 2) Buy another $400-$500 or 3) I can have a look at it, but cant guarantee anything.

niklaus, Feb 20, 10:02am
So after 4 month of dallying, he buys another 27" monitor after talking to PB tech. So I ask to have the faulty monitor, open it up and hey presto I fix it.

niklaus, Feb 20, 10:03am
Now, he wants either some money or for me to sell and half profits. What do you think is fair in this scenario?

niklaus, Feb 20, 10:06am
The repair wasn't particularly complicated from an electrical point of view btw. More of a pain in the ass opening the damn thing and putting it back together.

niklaus, Feb 20, 10:07am
I don't have any money to be buying it either (single income family)

niklaus, Feb 20, 10:08am
But I want it!

wayne416, Feb 20, 10:10am
If a third party, ie PB tech said its not worth fixing and he made the decision to buy new and give you the old one no come back i can see.

schizoid, Feb 20, 2:28pm
writing in 6 posts instead of 1.

r.g.nixon, Feb 20, 7:01pm
Calculate your time repairing it @ $100 per hour. Look at expired auctions for similar old working monitors to estimate the value. If that is $200, subtract your $100 per hour. Give him 10% of the profit.

dann2, Feb 20, 7:38pm
So if he said yes you can have it and then you repaired it he can't tell you what to do with your monitor so his loss tell him get over it.

niklaus, Feb 20, 7:41pm
I do reckon its worth around $200 secondhand. I worked on it for probably an hour max all up including the diagnosis, the actual electrical repair took about 5 mins, components cost me nothing as a friend had some (would've been about $5 if I had bought them).

niklaus, Feb 20, 7:43pm
Problem is I still have to work with him at the end of the day

king1, Feb 20, 8:10pm
"He asks my opinion" = no transfer of ownership

"I ask to have the faulty monitor" = again I don't see transfer of ownership, Unless he gave it to you stating "its all yours", "you keep it" etc

Really depends on exactly what was said between the two of you but I could quite imagine he believes he was handing it over based on the original 3 T & C's you noted above.

gyrogearloose, Feb 20, 8:37pm
Give it back to him with an invoice for your parts and labour.

cookee_nz, Feb 20, 9:21pm
He couldn't fix it himself so what would he have done with it? - he elected not to get a paid diagnosis done so basically he had a boat-anchor. You rightly asked if you could have it to tinker with, and the assumption that most reasonable people would accept was that he knew at that point you would try to fix it. If he wanted to retain some ownership in it he should have made that part of the deal. "Ok you can have it, but if you find it's an easy repair I'd like something for it". You could then continue on that basis or leave him with his boat-anchor. Is there ever likely to be a reverse situation, ie something he can do for you that you could not do yourself? Maybe you can do a contra-deal along those lines. It really comes down to what was said at the time he gave it to you but like you said, you have to work with him and the fact he's now raised it means he's got a bee in his bonnet and is it worth the grief? For what it's worth, most places charge around $75 (give or take) for a diagnosis so offer it back to him for $100 fixed knowing you can look him in the eye and sleep easy. Call his bluff or just do what he says, list it, and split the sale (but minus your own investment in time fixing it to begin with! ) He can't have it both ways.

gibler, Feb 20, 11:03pm
cool story bro.

niklaus, Feb 20, 11:29pm
I'm also working on his car soon, a 6 hour job (hes paying me) He's getting that job for $100 cheaper than a workshop would charge (I don't make a habit of working on others vehicles normally).

kevin16, Feb 21, 1:57am
you are your own worst enemy,.
I found out the hard way when 'friends'(and their friends) want to get their stuff fixed then only give me $20, even when I have supplied the parts,.
needless to say I have trimmed back the 'friends',.
the best way I've found is to grossly over-charge,
then when they don't pay they can't/won't come back,.

babcorp, Feb 21, 2:08am
Drop the monitor as you hand it back to him. sounds like a right indian giving asshle.

r.g.nixon, Feb 21, 2:35am
panicky, my little old car needs a new motor. I can pay you for parts (only) as long as you can source them for super-cheap!

sqidlie, Jul 22, 9:30am

1 - undo the Monitor repair, hand it back in the same way you got it

2 - Tell him the car repair deal is OFF

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