Best for TV on the Computer

johnhb, Sep 22, 4:21am
Can anyone recommend the optimum TV card to get so I can watch TV on my computer? (Win 7)

intrade, Sep 22, 4:40am
well technisat skystar today you would get the usb version but i doubt you can by one here now or if your in town with teresterial service there be plenty usb dongles for that i would say

mark119, Sep 22, 9:26am
HDHomeRun from Silicondust, its great. Its a standalone TV/radio tuner which plugs into the home router, it will serve two PCs watching different channels. HD capable although it prefers a grunty laptop and hardwired network to work flawlessly in HD. I got mine in Wellington though can't remember where.

fordcrzy, Sep 22, 11:04am
avermedia twinstar a188 seems to work well.Dual tuner terrestrial. i set one up on my mums PC and she uses windows media center to watch TV after she ditched sky. i use "EPG collector" to grab the programme guide and WMC picks it up.

johnhb, Sep 29, 4:29am
Will have a look at the dongles, but of course if they DON'T work, then I've thrown away the money. Even worse if I buy one of the suggested devices as the PC I want to use is downstairs in a concrete home and although I get wifi OK, that may not be the case with TV reception. Is there any way of testing reception to see what would or wouldn't work?

vtecintegra, Sep 29, 4:36am
Unless you have absolutely perfect reception it isn't going to work.

johnhb, Sep 29, 5:29am
Thanks for the heads-up, vtecintegra. Any suggestions for what to do if you have less-than-perfect reception?

spyware, Sep 29, 8:12am
It would help if the said TV receiving device was connected to an antenna pointing at the local transmitter. If not then forget it. Point of using something like HDHomerun is that it can sit near TV and connect to a splitter and then transport stream can be injected into your computer network via a switch (which also connects to your Apple TV) and the copper run between floors that you installed 6 months ago.

acura, Sep 29, 8:35am
I run a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2200 - retail version comes with software you can stream TV over the network. Works well.

olack, Oct 8, 8:08am
I have no problem with a mini TV aerial that has a magnetic base sitting on the corrugated metal roof of the building and a $20 USB TV card connected a screen that has built in Freeview TV. I think thisi a actualy a TV with computer connectors and stuff. What I do find odd is when the little 50 x 50mm TV channel reciever which I do not use for changing the channels at all, I do this with the TV, is moved to a higher position on the window where the aerial cable goes out of the room I get more TV channels. great picture.

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