Microsoft Edge ad free it works

I googled today to get an ad free Microsoft edge and the quickest way was I do use Chrome but this way it is suitable for all.

geek_flower-child01, Aug 1, 10:51 am

$20 a year, no thanks.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 10:54 am

Rather put up with the ads than fork out US$20 per year.

snap :-)

geek_d.snell, Aug 1, 10:56 am

Well hopefully adblock plus will get onto things soon.

geek_flower-child01, Aug 1, 10:58 am

Still early days, but some are working on it. I would not recommend as yet.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 11:08 am

Well I look at it like this.
It's almost our responsibility to put up with a few ads. Because, if it wasn't for the advertising revenue, the websites would either have less available or would require a subscription. If you want to block ads, then be prepared to PAY for content.
I guess its just selfish people who can never see beyond THEIR wants and wishes and while happily putting their hands out for the benefits but don't want to pay for it, expect to get it for free. Is this a symptom of a generational thing? Part of Gen Y's self entitlement syndrome? I suppose it could be.

geek_d.snell, Aug 1, 11:56 am

Exactly. I make a point to put up with ads. Without them we'd be paying for Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, iOS and Android games and apps and a bunch of other stuff. All those $5-10 monthly subs would really add up. And all we have to do is ignore a few ads and occasionally even click on the odd interesting one.

Pretty good deal for such great free services IMO.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 1, 12:07 pm

I use adblockers and fail to see how using one looses them revenue. A site is payed by a tire company to place an ad for their tires on my screen while visiting their site, thats OK i am not likely to click on it and buy anyway so no revenue from that, at this stage harmless, but place a lot of ads on my screen they become intrusive and destroy any pleasure in going there. So use an adblocker and get rid of them all, an all or nothing solution unfortunately for the site and other sites but i am still visiting the site and maybe buy something or service the site is offering. Some pages are nearly a third of the screen advertising, its just over the top now. Its not the adblockers spoiling it for good sites, its the sites that go way over top.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 12:39 pm

well they have to make their money back off all the free upgrades somehow i guess

geek_pcmaster, Aug 1, 12:46 pm

Thats a catch 22 situation also, they know they have to keep your system up to date or fall behind and loose everything to someone who does it better. Its a balancing act.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 12:55 pm

Maybe you have forgotten the 3rd reason why the sites are spoiled and that is because of Ad Blockers. The more people that use them, the less revenue for the company, the more the increase of advertising on the sites.

geek_d.snell, Aug 1, 1:02 pm

That doent make sense because the more people who use adblockers the less ads their going to see no matter how much a site increases them. Some sites are hungry and spoil it for the rest.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 1:12 pm

90% of them are positioned in such a way, and with content, that is intended to deceive you into clicking on adverts inadvertently. From that point they lose out on revenue.

But that is also the very reason I block them, simply because of the intrusiveness and the intention to deceive.

geek_king1, Aug 1, 1:15 pm

I didnt start using them to block ads in the start. Back a few years ago i was on dialup and used Vista with Opera, pre chrome version. One update they bought in extensions and one was Adblock. What a difference loading pages without all the ads, then they added Ghostery which made it even quicker so that is how i came to use them. As a matter of fact right now on same computer, Toshiba lappy, this coming to you on dialup still, only difference now use Comodo Ice Dragon with Ublock and Ghostery, 8.1, soon to be 10. It is very quick around the likes of Trademe, in fact quicker at times than friends with broadband.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 1:50 pm

You need a lesson in Advertising 101.
It make a lot of sense. Coca Cola isn't going to pay for advertising space on a site, if that space isn't going to be seen by all the site's visitors.
As more people use AdBlocking Software, the less attractive the site is to Coca Cola, therefore the less revenue for the site from advertising, the result is the poorer the content of that site or user charges.

geek_d.snell, Aug 1, 2:06 pm

How about that site stops trying to earn a buck from Coca Cola and start making their product/service better with only some advertising. If a site has something good people will return and less likely to need over the top advertising which makes any site unattractive. Its a balancing act, some sites have.crossed the line in my opinion.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 2:30 pm

But unless they get money from those visitors, it doesn't matter how good their site is. In fact it may cost more to make it look better. Just how do you think TM would be if it weren't for the ads. I's suspect it would be crap because fees would need to be hiked to cover the gap that advertising pays and you certainly wouldn't have a FREE messageboard.
By using Adblockers on sites like TM, you are not only cheating TM, but you are cheating all the members who understand why they need ads and put up with the tiny inconvenience and annoyance they cause.

geek_d.snell, Aug 1, 5:24 pm

End of the day - if everyone starts using ad blockers, ads become ineffective, we start paying for previously free services.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 1, 10:17 pm

Trademe is an auction site set up for people to buy, sell and trade and make money from commission from those sales. Ad revenue must be a bonus not the main earner. Your thoughts sound like a tradesman who earns $10 a week working and $200 a week from whoever pays for their product to be seen on his van. I dont think anyone could make that work for long. As i said adblockers are all or nothing so if you frequent a site for what ever reason and the advertising is intrusive an adblocker is going to spoil it for other sites by blocking their ads. It is a no win situation. I am sure if it worried Trademe that i and others were blocking ads they would throw up a warning that im running an adblocker please turn it off. Funny thing when you do run one warnings do show up on different sites, turn it off and the ads are everywhere. Sites like that know they are pushing it. Better still how about if an adblocker is detected lock them out instead of warning them. Maybe that could work and earn more money.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 11:31 pm

Trademe using ads is irrelevant. Trademe and other paid sites should NOT be using ads. It borders on immoral. And I block those ads (and only those ads).

The fact that Trademe uses ads on top of their extremely high success fees just goes to show what kind of company they are.

Free sites like Google's many services, blogs, news, etc. they are the ones that should be freely able to use ads.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 1, 11:38 pm

I totally agree but you and i know its not that simple.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 11:40 pm

Yeah, just sucks that big corporations like Trademe think it's ok to use ads. And it's probably a big reason why a lot of people use ad blockers.

I can only hope that one day a decent Trademe competitor will come along, because it really needs to happen.

You're right though, ad blockers are all or nothing. I'm happy to view ads on websites that offer a service for free. But it's difficult to set up ad blockers to only blacklist certain sites like Trademe. I do it, but most user won't.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 1, 11:58 pm

My new adblocker does it, its called ublock, while in a site if you want to unblock just click it to open it and click the switch and that site is unblocked until you turn it on during a future visit or leave it off for that site.

geek_wayne416, Apr 11, 11:30 pm

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