Movie maker for GoPro + normal videos

sarah13579, Dec 8, 7:18am
Hi there,
Does anyone know a free, easy to use downloadable video editor/movie maker that you can use both GoPro videos and videos taken on a phone/camera. I have made one using the GoPro editor but also used videos that were not taken on a GoPro, so the video cannot be exported and played (but that was a whole nother thread!). I would preferably like to remake the video the same as the one I have made, so a movie maker with slow motion and reverse would be a bonus.
Thank you !

suicidemonkey, Dec 8, 7:50am
GoPro Studio will do the trick. It's actually pretty decent for a free editor. It'll work with most common video formats.

sarah13579, Dec 8, 8:25am
Thats what I have used, but it will not play the completed video as I have also used non GoPro videos

suicidemonkey, Apr 17, 11:27pm
It says on the website "Supports GoPro, Canon®, Nikon® and other constant frame rate H.264 mp4 and .mov4 formats"

So should work with most formats.

There should be an option to export it as a video file so you can play using VLC or another media player.

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