My Youtube videos aren't uploading . why is this

venna2, Apr 15, 12:17am
I've never had any trouble uploading my Youtube videos until this morning. I've been filming dance events from my club and putting them on Youtube for people to watch. This morning, for the first time in about two months, I tried uploading two videos . in exactly the same way, and the same format, as I've done before. But the counter has stayed at '0' and the videos don't get uploaded. I can't find anything on the Youtube website to help. Any ideas?

r.g.nixon, Apr 15, 1:36am
Try with a different browser.

venna2, Apr 15, 4:44am
That's an idea, thanks. I did manage to upload them in the end, but had to guess when they might be ready as there was no indication, ie the counter or whatever it's called stayed at 0.

And of course I couldn't interrupt the loading (or non-loading) to check the Trade Me message board as then if it WAS loading I would have lost it anyway. (if that makes sense)

suicidemonkey, Apr 15, 4:46am
You can open a new tab/browser window and browse the web as normal while your videos upload.

venna2, Apr 16, 7:14pm
Oh - thank you! I have never got into opening new tabs but it could be time I started.

venna2, Apr 17, 8:24pm
Thanks for that - I won't. My videos are normally no more than 5 - 8 minutes long, and do take an hour or more to load in any case. But I think Youtube is a great way to share videos (I do Scottish country dancing and occasionally film dances that aren't already on the web). I appreciate their various features, such as stabilisation.

r.g.nixon, Feb 9, 4:17am
Convert them to h.264 compressed .mp4 files with Freemake Video Converter. That should make them quite a bit smaller - assuming the original isn't using a great codec.

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