Sending large file via email query

2bakerz, Apr 23, 6:22am
I edit a small newsletter and my next issue will have a lot of pictures (re-sized) but it still makes the newsletter a large file (37.5mb) Because a lot of the recipients are, like me, the older type, I would like to know how to successfully send the email to multiple recipients (120). I would normally zip the file, but I feel a lot of these recipients would not know how to open it. Any suggestions?

suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 6:23am
37.5MB is far too large. E-mail typically has a limit of 10MB or so.

What format is it? Might pay to try and compress it more and send it as a PDF.

2bakerz, Apr 23, 6:29am
Yes, I realise now I was looking at the Publisher file, so it should reduce when I compress the photos and send in PDF format (I hope). I usually send the pdf (uncompressed) to the printer, then compress for the email recipients. Could be just panicking a bit when I saw that 37.5 mb. Thanks for the reply.

wayne416, Apr 23, 7:01am
Join GMX, then you can send up to 50MB files or send them to the storage you get with an account and send a link to recipients and they can view or download.

gyrogearloose, Apr 23, 7:02am
You need to reflect on what the word 'small' means, and then break the newsletter into chunks - the actual newsletter, and then a series of links to smaller blocks that are hosted somewhere else on the web (eg; Facebook). The photo's on these blocks should be resized for to eliminate resizing on a typical user's display, there's no point them downloading the print-ready size.

gyrogearloose, Apr 23, 7:30am is free for small volumes and good for maintaining the subscription list and content, there's a bit of a learning curve but it's a worthwhile skill to list on your CV.

2bakerz, Apr 23, 6:49pm
While I appreciate all the advice and suggestions I need to mention that the majority of recipients in this case are in their late 70's and early 80's and are limited in their computer skills. The downloading of the newsletter is really about as much as they will be able to do. I have sent these newsletters out successfully for the last 6 months or so, but the content has never been above the 4mb mark. For my own learning curve I plan to look at gmx and mailchimp and thank both respondents for this information.

2bakerz, Apr 23, 7:36pm
I have now set up a gmx account and linked it to my other account and will use it for future large files - it seems to be exactly what I need. Wayne, would I just add the link in the body of my email and the recipient would click on that and thereby access the file? Just making sure so I can put an explanation to them in the body of the email.

wayne416, Apr 23, 11:54pm
Log in to your GMX account and on left open help and then file storage, that will show you how to set it up and share files. It is a lot easier than it looks once set up. Keep us posted how you go. Its a very good free email service.

rz_zone, Apr 23, 11:59pm
If you use gmail, upload to google drive and email the link.

kieran211, Apr 24, 12:47am
Would second setting up a MailChimp account. This is exactly what it's designed for. You can add a list of contacts from excel, Google Contacts, or wherever really or/and make a sign-up form and share it on Facebook or something.

Just setup a good drag-n-drop template (they have heaps to choose from) and you re-use it every time you send a newsletter. Much nicer looking newsletters, and images are automatically stored online, optimized (so nice and small) and are only downloaded when email is viewed, rather than attached to the emal (which is arguably how it should be done). So no bulky 20MB+ emails to send out. Much more professional too with proper unsubscribe button at the bottom and a bunch of stats at your fingertips for the admin.

Though MailChimp I'd argue, has a very *easy* learning curve for someone to setup & send - people receiving emails there is no learning curve. They really take the time now to step new users through the ropes.

2bakerz, Jan 17, 9:17pm
Have set up the gmx now and all contacts imported from gmail successfully. Will just play around and email myself the link and see it I can see/download newsletter. Only possible problem I see is that I have 134 recipients for newsletter and when reading the help link it mentioned a max of 100. The finished newsletter reduced to 8mbs so may just send some via gmail. Will just have to have a few trials.

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