Anyone experienced the monitor changing to blue and a message showing.

"WHEA uncorrectable error"
The computer then shuts down but restarts,
This is with Windows 8.1
I have a laptop with the same OS with no problems, this is on my near new desktop (only 6 weeks old)

geek_cleggyboy, Aug 3, 6:42 pm

go in bios and look how hot it is and then if its not overheated boot a linux live cd or dvd or boot from linux usb pen drive and see if the problem is on linux also or not

geek_intrade, Aug 3, 6:49 pm

Thanks for your help.

geek_cleggyboy, Aug 4, 7:53 am

geek_cleggyboy, Aug 13, 11:48 am

I'm getting this since upgrading to Windows 10 and am yet to find a fix

geek_monid, Aug 13, 9:26 pm

Crikey I havn't seen a blue screen of death for more than 10 years! I didn't think you could still get them.

geek_tygertung, Feb 21, 4:06 pm

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