Question about changing email servers

I currently use Google APPS for my email server but would like to change to my web host server.

Am I able to access the emails in Google once the MX records have been changed? Keeping in mind that I have employees who use emails and I have no access to the contents in their accounts.

What should I do to save the data? How should I proceed?

geek_digga7, May 31, 10:30 pm

You probably shouldn't be making that change - what do you hope to achieve?

geek_vtecintegra, May 31, 10:36 pm

With Google APPS, I can have 9 emails before I have to pay $5 for each additional email per month. With my Server, I can have 100.

I use 5 emails for my business and I have more than 12 staff.

I spend over $280 a year for my server so I may as well use it. The change is logical.

geek_digga7, May 31, 10:40 pm

its a not insignificant change. for each account you would need to set up the account in an email client ie Outlook, and have it sync all the data.

From there you can set up the new email account folder group as pop account and (painfully) copy the emails from each gmail folder (for each account) into the local folder group on the respective machines

geek_king1, May 31, 10:57 pm

Depends on how robust the service your hosting provider is - I'd suggest at that price its unlikely to be a good gapps replacement.

geek_vtecintegra, May 31, 10:57 pm

So basically, there's no easy way around it. Gotta sync to the PC? I figured as much but was living in hope. lol

geek_digga7, May 31, 11:33 pm

Nothing will ever be a good gapps replacement. I can do things with Google that most servers will only ever dream of.

I never use webmail to access my email anyway. I use Thunderbird. What my staff use is entirely up to them.

So, I don't really need any of the dings and whistles that Google offers, I only really require the emails to arrive and be sent without a problem.

I only have 100mb in my main server as well so I'm guessing that my email host is limited by that quota?

I've always used gapps so not really too sure of what to expect.

It will be trialed by me anyway. It might turn out ok or I might go back to gapps.

geek_digga7, May 31, 11:38 pm

most small companies usually go the other way, e.g to google apps or office 365

I'd be looking at exporting the contents of the gmail accts first before migrating. Do they use webmail or a client like Outlook?

geek_csador, Jun 1, 7:53 pm

I use a client. (Thunderbird). So does my wife and Administrator. I'm not too sure about any of my guys. They probably use webmail though as I've spoken to some of them in the past and discussed using a client. They don't appear very web savvy.

Their emails are basically so that we can send their payslips and they get to use it for personal use.

In the past, we've sent payslips to other accounts such as hotmail and they haven't arrived. People like to blame other people when things don't go their way. So, to minimise one issue, we give everyone an email address.

geek_digga7, Sep 27, 9:25 pm

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