Help! me understand how to block this spam

stella99990, Apr 25, 12:52am I have subsituted a U for a W at the end so it isn't a link. I get more than a dozen per day from them and the is always the same but the numbers and letters after the slash change e.g. /1CqPo is the suffix on another one. I blocked at my isp but it didn't stop them coming. There are also others that have several full stops or dashes between words and I don't understand those either. They don't have www. in the front but I thought that doesn't matter.

mark.52, Apr 25, 1:06am
You're receiving these in your mailbox?
Or is your browser being redirected?

More info needed. No need to focus on the site too much; it's definitely malicious.

d.snell, Apr 25, 2:07am
if it has letters after it like that, it's usually an indicator that it's info that's held in cookies in your pc. you need to clear your cookies, history and temp internet files.
On IE enter Alt x then press the letter o and choose delete under browsing history. Make sure the top one isuinticked and the next 3 are ticked. Then click Delete.

stella99990, Apr 25, 3:34pm
Yes I receive it in my mailbox on my mac. I go to preferences and delete the browsing history but they still come. Although I have set up no popup on safari I get those annoying ones all the time where they try to con you into answering a question to win a $1000 or $2000 voucher from a well known nz retail like mitre 10, repco etc. So is it malware. I had a malware problem big time about 12 months ago and I got rid of it but maybe something is still a problem. I have run the malware cleaner I did last time that got rid of it and it says that it is ok. I also get spam email from my own email account and from others using my isp. I did some research and it said that they can pretend to be anyone and don't have to have hacked my email account to send spam from my email address and others from my isp. I've tried to educate myself about subdomains etc. One thing about that particular email that I mentioned above is that the content is often the same but each time using a different name. I never click on the links. I have learned how to hover over the link and get the address and go to my mailbox at my lisp and block things there but I have only blocked I though it was no use putting in each /2xGqW or whatever number because my isp spam blocker thing is getting so much in it by me adding new ones to it all the time. I maybe should clear out the cashe again. Not quiet sure what I can safely wipe.

stella99990, Apr 25, 3:35pm
I mainly use safari but also firefox. Could my isp be part of the problem?
I'm with flip but my email is with orcon as flip don't do email. I have to go into my orcon webmail to send to gmail accounts as gmail blocked flip emails. Flip did nothing about that. I'm with flip because it is cheap.

exwesty, Apr 25, 6:41pm
Google JRT - Junk Removal Tool and run that.

I use it in conjunction with Ccleaner and Malwarebytes.

tmg, Jan 12, 3:19pm
have been getting dozens of spam daily promoting sites using those url redirects too .

These redirect urls appear to be gaining some notariety as being a (new) favourite for RX & Pills/Meds Spammers . and they appear to have stopped using Godaddy's "" url redirects a few weeks ago

creating a rule "" in Outlook sends them to deleted folder.

from there we forward them off to spam (at) uce gov and spam (at) knujon net

lodging complaints with abuse mail box - which looks like Taiwanese based (you should be able to find it using google) has so far seen no response or decrease in the volume of this pestly spam arriving

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