IMac and MacBook Pro Wi-Fi connection issues

I have a reasonably new iMac (maybe 4-6 months old) and a MacBook Pro that is around 12 months old that both seem to have issues connecting to our wifi. They are both up to date with software, one has an update waiting but it's not a major one and it's a bit hard to update it when you can't get wifi on it!
The iMac does sit in a cupboard/nook type thing so I wondered if that was obstructing the signal but now the MacBook is doing it too I wondered if anyone else had a similar problem. I have no issues with other devices on our wifi, iPad, phones and Apple TV all work no problem and we have a fibre connection if that makes any difference.
Anyone have any suggestions?

geek_nadznz, Aug 6, 9:32 pm

Is it a 5ghz or 2.4ghz network?

what is the router?

geek_pandai, Aug 6, 9:39 pm

The MacBook says 2.5GHz Intel core i5, is that what you mean? The iMac says 2.7 GHz 1600 MHz DDr3
The router is a d-link DVG-N5412SP.

geek_nadznz, Aug 6, 9:59 pm

no, was asking about the radio frequency of your wifi network, 2.4ghz is slower but better range and gets through walls easier, 5ghz is faster but range is poorer.

i have found our macs to have relatively good wifi reliability. are yours too far from the router?

geek_pandai, Aug 7, 3:16 am

Ah right, how do I know the frequency of the wifi network? The iMac I thought might be a problem because it is in a cupboard and surrounded by a couple of shelves and dividers but the MacBook is not far away at all. They both have been fine but in the last week have not been connecting at all.

geek_nadznz, Aug 7, 6:57 am

Can you plug it into the router directly and download the required software?
System Preferences.
Is wifi turned on?

geek_nzdoug, Aug 7, 12:16 pm

Have unplugged and restarted the router and that seems to have fixed it for now. Might have to talk to inspire, router was supplied by them and maybe it has an issue as I had to do the same last week but I only noticed it had a problem because our phone wasn't working.
Thanks for the suggestions.

geek_nadznz, Mar 12, 5:02 am

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