WOW I'm a winner of a mobile lottery draw

wildot, Feb 5, 11:34pm
Should I click on it for my claim or is this areal no no and leave well alone!
(Bet its a scam, pity though as a few extra bucks would come in handy)

mazdasix, Feb 5, 11:41pm
Nice. I won that too.

oclaf, Feb 6, 2:48am
Yay! Everyone's a winner!

crtnz, Feb 6, 2:51am
That's the truth.

sarah19711, Feb 6, 3:15am
Its fake, If your looking to block annoying pop-ups like that i could suggest AdBlock for chrome

wildot, Feb 6, 8:26am
Hey its not on my computer, have just bought a new fone from a telecom shop and it come on a txt message on first putting sim card in.

mazdasix, Feb 6, 8:27am
The one I'm referring to comes as a text message. And it's totally real. I'm just waiting for the money to show up in my account. I only had to pay a $1000 deposit :)

ctnz, Feb 6, 10:45pm
I know its cool, when I won I just had to email my trusted business associate from Nigeria, Mr I B Coninyou

mothergoose_nz, Feb 9, 7:29am
my relation died and I have a huge inheritance. goodbye lotto

gammelvind, Feb 9, 8:21am
My great uncle Norbert left me a huge inheritance, just need to raise some cash to get it released, anyone want to chip in, I'm sure there will be plenty to go around. Apparently Norbet was very rich.

blans, Feb 11, 8:19am
My txt went straight in the bin.

urbanrefugee54, Feb 11, 9:09am
here is me, that only gets advertising that gives me a certain member increase.

hakatere1, Aug 23, 3:08pm
My wee mate Rich walked onto Looto and won $500,000 last weekend. Couldn't have gone to a better fella. He's a kind wee bugger, so it won't last him long. Lucky he won it now in his 40s and not in his 20s.

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