Wordpress Website Database Backup Location Query

mmmail, May 12, 9:07am
Recently - like a few days ago - I took a backup of my Wordpress website. In what part of the WPRESS backup file, would I likely find please, the database of my website?

Thank you

brycer, May 12, 9:10am
depends what backup you used. often missed. suggest install a decent WP plugin that does everything like backwpup. Its free and you can set it to do every day to your dropbox account or similar

mmmail, May 12, 9:12am
I used a tool called "All in One Migration" - so I'd imagine, it got it all? to claim you can migrate a site?

brycer, May 12, 9:18am
One would assume so. Not familiar with this one, but similar ones to move sites are designed just to do that and the data may not be individually in a useful form.

mmmail, May 12, 9:19am
Thanks, it was only a few days back, so I'll just get my host to do a full restore!

Thanks for your help

brycer, May 12, 9:23am
No worries. I suggest always set auto daily/ weekly backups to somewhere else. its free and easy. Your host may not always be able to do so

mmmail, Nov 29, 2:28pm
yes - moving to a new host this week!

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