shane.pip, Mar 17, 5:40am
Has anyone else been experiencing issues with NEXTBOOK tablets? We try to charge ours and it makes hissing/buzzy noise at plug and again thru screen. Has completed died, we are on our 2nd one since xmas. I would be interested to know as I believe there should be a recall on these as now the screen has smashed due to buzzy charging noise, from inside out.

mattnzw, Mar 17, 5:43am
How can a noise smash the screen?

suicidemonkey, Mar 17, 5:52am
So you had 2 bad tablets and you think there should be a recall. ? Hrm. righto.

shane.pip, Mar 17, 8:17am
2 bad tablets wow righto suicide monkey. if you can hear it like we can you would think different, sounds like someone is going to get electrocuted, hence my concern as the kids need them for school. Hrm righto, back at ya, was only seeing if there was anyone else out there with same issues. 2 between Jan and Now with same problems

lugee, Mar 17, 9:37am
You get what you pay for.

mattnzw, Mar 17, 9:43am
You will be protected by the CGA. Take it back to the store and tell them it is faulty and ask for a refund. If it has been replaced twice, your next step is a refund. Buy an ipad instead.

dinx, Mar 18, 5:19am
I have nothing against nextbooks (we had 2 for more than 2 years each), the are a budget tablet made for a market, but when you cut costs in production then you get a higher $ of faults, thats just logical. They are still more reliable than the Vigo's the warehouse had, if they were not they would not have continued to stock Nextbooks.

If you want reliability then you pay for more a premium brand (Samsung/HP etc) that has higher quality control, if not then you have to be prepared to exercise your rights unter CGA and choose a retailer with good backup.

You can get even cheaper tablets unbranded from overseas but then you have no backup at all. The retailers know the stats on failure rates and build that into their pricing.

BUT just FYI, if you use them a lot while plugged in, the pulling of the cord is going to cause pressure and flexing and the charge port which is attached directly to the motherboard. Physical damage from what they consider abuse will be excluded under warranty. However its possible that isn't the case and you should be able to get a replacement but expect strore staff to tell you physical damage like smashed screen isn't covered, you will have to demand a tech look to see that it was blown from inside. Retail staff have no electronics training and will give you the standard response.

shane.pip, Mar 19, 2:04am
Thanks. These were the ones highly recommended by the store for school use. and also by the school. I would love to look at other more expensive options but when schools decide that students need them from yr 8 and up x 3 it gets bloody expensive, I know we aren't the only ones that are like this,. Bring back pens and paper so much more reliable! You trust what the store says too. very good at supplying a product but also very good and back tracking when things crap out.

richardw13, Mar 19, 5:01am
It is up to the consumer to decide what is best for their needs. Reviews are a good place to start.

dinx, May 4, 10:01am
Just curious, are you talking Android Nextbooks or the Windows ones? I've only had Android but I'm not a fan of anything low powered running windows or modified windows versions generally?

I'd rather go Chrome for school.

Ours were $99 models, only ever got tablets if they were very very good specials with gift $ as we are on a budget. I think once you start looking midrange they may be overpriced compared to overseas pricing. Thats just my opinion thou.

Currently have one of these, pretty happy with it for the moolah. BUT, its bluetooth if you want a keyboard case not a OTG microsd cable one.

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