Can't update/reload itunes


I've been running iTunes and went to update it last week. I cannot get it to load in. I'm getting the message

"Service (Apple mobile device service) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient priviledges to start system services."

This comes up right at the end of the installation. What does that mean?
Computer has been running a bit sickly lately, and don't know why. I operate through Windows, computer is an HP TouchSmart, about 3 years old. So I presently have no iTunes on computer at all.

geek_xxsaffyxx, Apr 12, 8:48 am

Any ideas? It seems to be a common problem over the internet. So far, still haven't had any success to reinstall iTunes.

geek_xxsaffyxx, Apr 12, 4:16 pm

Give them a ring found them very helpfull regards

geek_bradsel, Apr 13, 11:03 am

Thanks, might have too. Seems like people all over the web are having this problem. Still haven't been able to apply a fix, despite all sorts of efforts that have been recommended in support forums.

geek_xxsaffyxx, Feb 22, 11:18 pm

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