Replace XP but keep it

smine, Feb 14, 9:17pm
I still run XP but think it is time to bite the bullet as my laptop needs replacing, 11 years old ! and running well but starting to have glitches. I have a lot of software and stuff under XP and am thinking that a gradual migration to Win 8.1 would suit me best. Can I partition the new hard drive to run both 8.1 and XP? I have ghost images of my system drive, can I copy to a separate partition for dual booting? Is there anything I need to be aware of about this? Thanks for your thoughts.

vtecintegra, Feb 14, 9:19pm
An 11 year old laptop is too old to bother with - you really need to replace the whole thing.

intrade, Feb 14, 9:22pm
i run 3 operation systems on my laptop
win xp win 7-64-crap and linux kanotix.
i need xp for most things automotive diagnostic because the software and hardware needs xp- and no xp-mode crap dont works from win 7 rubbish.
What i would do if i was you buy a linux laptop or make sure you have hardware fully supported for linux and then do a similar thing that i do. Just install the oldest software first like xp then winblows 7 or higher and then linux. this way you can use it all.

intrade, Feb 14, 9:25pm
as post 2 said if you want to upgrade the old laptop forget it .
You can run xp till 2019 when you enable the hack to get updates for servers and any other machines that comercially run xp. as microcrap must update there security and you just get that- and bohooo its not tested for private xp users lol
Nothing ever microcrap made is truely tested if you ask me anyhow.

smine, Feb 14, 9:47pm
Thanks for that, yes intend replacing laptop, another thought is could I just USB boot XP from the external drive enclosure and not install it on the new laptop? Actually never thought of using linux, I do use a bootable linux cd to do partition stuff. Last I knew of it a a serious operating system, there always seemed to be issues with trying to run printers and the like.

d.snell, Feb 14, 10:35pm
When you say "old software", what is an actual example? A lot of "old programs" will work on 8.1 if you set up to run in XP Compatibility mode or if it won't, you could set up a virtual XP on Win 8.

d.snell, Feb 14, 10:38pm
Also, not sure if you could dual boot XP and 8 as they use different boot techniques that is controlled by the BIOS.

r.g.nixon, Feb 14, 11:28pm
You could convert your whole XP installation into a 'virtual computer', then load that, on an as needed basis, into a window on a new computer. I've done the conversion bit only (so far). Can't remember the program I used - would have to check at work tomorrow.

soundsgood, Feb 15, 12:14am
Here's a way to do it suggested by M/soft - assuming you have a machine with Win8 and then want to add XP (as opposed to the other way around).

Check if the new machine comes with a restore partition - and if so, do a restore first, just to be sure it works.

vtecintegra, Feb 15, 12:32am
You're going to fail at the first step - no modern machine has XP drivers available

r.g.nixon, Feb 15, 12:54am
That's a good point. I have an i5 (first generation) which runs XP fine, but I guess current ones will have changed quite a bit.

velenski, Feb 15, 1:02am
why? , this is 11 years old and still very useful .

vtecintegra, Feb 15, 1:03am
Because it isn't capable of running a modern OX properly

martincj, Feb 15, 3:21am
My old laptop died a few weeks ago and am now running windows 8, i hate everything about this OS and wish for the good ole days. They just took all the things you can do in XP and added 4-5 pointless steps that defy logic, 98% of Win8 appears to have no real use, its almost like they desperately needed something that looked new but had no ideas for anything useful.

vtecintegra, Feb 15, 3:24am
That's simple user error

r.g.nixon, Feb 15, 3:43am
Easy. Recommended by rgnixon and other so-called experts! :D

r.g.nixon, Feb 16, 12:53am

pysces, Feb 16, 2:30am
I have just upgraded to windows 8.1 but present printer will not work with 8.1,i need to replace my printer, what do I go with?, prefer 'HP' with front loading paper & discharge.
present printer 'HP' was ok with XP Pro, thanks for some advice, cheers.

skin1235, Feb 16, 2:38am
is the problem that you cannot get a std driver for the printer?
I know there are workarounds for this but the mind has gone blank at present, may jog a memory among the lads here though

lostdude, Feb 16, 9:52pm
Forget virtualization, containers are where it's at

smine, Feb 16, 10:31pm
Thanks folks and especially r.g.nixon that idea sounds like me. I presume the virtual computer takes its drivers with it.

lostdude I still find reliance on the cloud a little worrisome. It seems to me too open to loss, attack, surveilance issues? and there is the fact that it is only available if you can get online. There is a niceness about being in control of your own software and data. Sure I know you can do some stuff offline but it is a compromise. This view may change over time.

lostdude, Feb 17, 5:04am
That's the strong suit with containers, they can be deployed on any environment. Containers aren't limited to the cloud so you can move them from environment to environment depending on your needs.

csador, Aug 1, 11:26am
when we went from XP to 7 at work i dont think we encounted any software that wouldnt work (at worst with compatibility mode) and some users apps dated back to the mid 90's

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