Windows 10

I have noticed on my computer a message saying I can update from 8.1 to windows 10 for free. Has anybody done this and how has it been?

geek_lambchop10, Jun 17, 9:18 pm

Not happening until 29 July at which point it will be downloaded and given the choice to install or not. I say go for it, some will say wait till all the bugs are sorted. You have 1 year to get it free, after that it costs.

geek_wayne416, Jun 17, 9:40 pm

Thank you I will wait and see. Cheers

geek_lambchop10, Jun 18, 12:21 am

dont do it. its rubbish if the preview is anything to go by ,i had it on 3 pc's ,removed it from all of them.

geek_velenski, Jun 18, 10:57 pm

rubbish? specifics then.

geek_ross1970, Jun 18, 11:04 pm

It's a preview for a reason. Do you really think the final version released on July 29th will be exactly the same?

geek_lugee, Aug 9, 11:20 pm