Backing up pst file in Outlook

cheyenne2, Apr 22, 9:22pm
Can I then take that .pst file and load on another PC and have an exact copy of all my current Outlook? Thanks in advance.

cheyenne2, Apr 22, 10:09pm
Thanks tp, I was going to back the file up and then copy on to the yet to be purchased new Laptop

king1, Apr 22, 11:05pm
and the newer versions of office keep it in an outlook folder in the documents folder.
Plus I tend to rename old files rather than overwrite - just in case

cheyenne2, Apr 22, 11:24pm
Thanks to all, appreciate the help.

black-heart, Jan 21, 4:00pm
outlook PST files keep a lot more than just messages in them ignore that 'advise' all your contacts, appointments, tasks, & notes are kept in the pst file.

If you have the old and new machines both operating I suggest using windows easy transfer to get everything across.

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