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Help with Excell please, I don't know what I have done, but new page grids are filled with a nasty brown. I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of it but nothing works. Can someone enlighten me please? Ezcel 2007

geek_toenails, Mar 28, 6:36 pm

It is Excel, not the other two spellings.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 28, 7:04 pm

Hi, help please, I'm having a brain fart. I need to find out the following formula
$12.50 (e2) I need to decide this by 2.5 add 68% and add gst of 1.125 to get my value in e7, can someone help me here?


geek_tazzdvl2000, May 17, 2:46 pm

in cell e7 =(((e2/2.5)*1.68)*1.125)

geek_clip1, May 17, 2:54 pm

if you're dividing (not deciding) then in E7: =E2/2.5*1.68*1.01125 but don't you mean GST of 15% in which case the formula would be =E2/2.5*1.68*1.15

geek_jacenz, May 17, 2:55 pm

Here's one answer:-

In E7 enter this formula:-

+(E2/E3)*(E4)*E5 then "Enter". The answer in E7 will be $3.825 (but you can format this to two decimal places)

E2 equals 12.5 format to $12.50
E3 equals 2.5
E4 equals 68%
E5 equals 1.125

geek_grayemo, Apr 14, 4:56 pm

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