Anyone having issues with adsl filters

, have had 4 of them die in the last 3 weeks, not all the same age, a couple have only been inplace for less than 2 years

geek_skin1235, Jul 6, 8:28 pm

seems unusual but stranger things have happened.

geek_king1, Jul 6, 8:32 pm

am down to one last spare, may have to restock them

geek_skin1235, Jul 6, 8:35 pm

I've had them fail, but not that often.

Had any thunderstorms lately?

geek_ianab, Jul 6, 9:01 pm

Put in a master filter.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jul 7, 8:35 am

I had similar sometime back it was moisture and once that happens, out they go, they can not be fixed by drying out.

geek_cleggyboy, Jul 7, 10:27 am

Never heard of that before?

geek_fishb8, Jul 7, 12:59 pm

seriously considering this, a splitter?( is that what they're called), and where does it go, does it then require separate wiring to all points

geek_skin1235, Jul 7, 5:48 pm

As suggested a master filter is a winner. Ideally it is inserted as soon as the phone cable enters the house. You haven't said how the adsl filter has failed, bear in mind that its only the side that goes to the phone that is filtered, the data side is straight through.

geek_mark119, Jul 7, 6:24 pm

Master splitter/filter goes at demarcation point/ETP (external test point). It isolates the voice circuits from the DSL circuit. Typically a cat5 cable is run to a dedicated DSL outlet but existing cable may be used (Chorus these days typically do it the easiest way). Cable connecting to phones would stay as is.

geek_spyware, Jul 7, 6:42 pm

ta, may have to get them in , just blown another one

methinks they should check the whole system while here, something is cooking these things

geek_skin1235, Jun 13, 3:20 am

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