Outlook for Emails

I'm after the Outlook programme for emails (not the hotmail one). I've had to strip my computer back to factory defaults, and now reinstalling programmes. I have MS Office, but it only comes with Word, Excel and Onenote. Can anyone suggest the best place to purchase from?

Wouldn't mind a free version, if there are older versions availalbe out there.

geek_xxsaffyxx, May 23, 7:11 pm

I recommend you try 'eM Client'. It is free if you only gather emails from 1 or 2 accounts. It has similarities to Outlook (email, calendaring, tasks).

geek_r.g.nixon, May 23, 7:59 pm

Based on Thunderbird

geek_air.rowcj, May 24, 12:36 am

How's that?

geek_wayne416, Oct 24, 3:15 pm

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