0900 numbers - calling on prepay cell phones

coverdrive, Apr 17, 1:44am
Is there a secret to making 0900 calls on a cell phone. I can't seem to do this. Just get a message that its barred.

jon9, Apr 17, 2:11am
Probably a bar setup on your simcard.

wayne416, Apr 17, 2:20am
No if your on a pack with free texts, minutes etc, you need a cash balance also to pay for those types of calls and picture texts.

kieran211, Apr 17, 2:28am
AFAIK no prepaid in NZ will let you call an 0900 number because the charges are not necessarily fixed and can be billed weeks or months down the track and you might not have enough money to pay so telcos don't take the risk.

coverdrive, Feb 10, 10:19am
Cash balance is healthy, but I get the point made by kieran above. Thanks.

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