Anz site not responding.

I can get on to their home page but not able to log in to access my accounts - would this be a problem with my computer or their website?

geek_judz46, Feb 26, 3:59 pm

working fine here, must be your end

try running this through it to clean up browser crap

geek_king1, Feb 26, 4:03 pm

and here too

had to refresh the Log In page to get it to come up tho

geek_tmg, Feb 27, 11:37 pm

Happened to me a few weeks ago - the ANZ tech rang me the next day after I'd tried their help line, in NZ! got me to turn my modem off, unplug it, wait a minute or two, then restart - the site worked fine then.

geek_wron, Jul 1, 3:24 am

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