HELP: laptop adds uncontrollable

rodg.sue, Apr 15, 4:28am
Our laptop has a virus type thing of some sort. When clicking links or opening new pages, it will show it for 5 seconds or sometimes not at all then re direct to add pages. It also opens millions of new windows, and has add bars on the sides, top, and covering words. Even when clicking to type something an add will be opened. Certain words on the page turn into links that have an add for something random off the side of the word. Any help would be very much appreciated as we just don't know how to solve this. We have tried anti virus, add blockers and programs etc. wondering if resetting entire laptop would help.

king1, Apr 15, 4:31am
yes but a bit of an over kill

start with this

farwest, Apr 15, 4:38am
If you have a paid version of an anti malware program, their customer support will help you. Otherwise you can ask for help at Malwareremoval or Bleeping Computer.

king1, Apr 15, 4:53am
If OP has a paid version of an anti-malware program they should be getting a new anti-malware program

farwest, Apr 15, 5:01am
Show me one which will catch everything.

rodg.sue, Apr 15, 5:08am
just did this, no change :(

king1, Apr 15, 5:12am
did you click 'clean' after the scan?
Did it find anything?

king1, Apr 15, 5:15am
you can also reset the browser you are having problems with which will kill any dodgy browser extensions.

farwest, Apr 15, 5:20am
Often, the removal of malware requires the use of a number of tools, and the running of fixlists prepared specifically for the infected computer.

king1, Apr 15, 5:31am
and then I would download, install, update, and a full system scan with Malwarebytes

mistie-blue, Apr 15, 8:34am
Thanks I have just done your instructions as I also got over run with ads. Hopefully all works OK will find out in the morning.

cookee_nz, Apr 15, 11:26am
Yep, bit like asking your GP for a jab to inoculate you from catching anything, from anyone, anywhere in the world?
Such a jab does not exist and no software will protect a PC from going where a user decides to drive it. Even the warning messages are just clicked away because they are not understood.
Most people experiencing bad malware/adware issue have 'someone' being or been indiscriminate or 'net-promiscuous' on the PC, surfing & downloading willy-nilly, anything from anywhere and wondering why they get a nasty itch. Download nothing without first googling it, taking care to avoid the first few planted sites telling you how safe/wonderful it is. Don't click links without checking where they go, don't install free games, pc 'booster' programs that promise to make your PC faster than the concorde etc. Some people are their own worst enemies. Sometimes a cleanup simply takes longer with no assurance of success than just doing a full recovery and being done with it.

cookee_nz, Apr 15, 11:29am
True. Most often the people who understand and know how to use these tools don't generally get infected in the first place, and those who do get infected don't know how to use or understand the tools, Catch-22.

mistie-blue, Apr 15, 6:40pm
All working now. I thought I was careful where I downloaded from like a site with a lock in the search bar, will be even more careful now Thanks

cookee_nz, Apr 16, 1:00am
Good to hear you got it sorted and even nicer you came back and let us know. Too often people bleat for help, get a flurry of responses and you hear nothing further - self-absorbed and the same ones probably don't wave when you let them into traffic either - scumbags

rodg.sue, Apr 16, 9:48am
when we did the first one, it found tons and tons of thing, and yep we let it clean them after, but there was no change :( have reset browser settings thank you so much for these two great links! however the adds come up when using firefox too, so dont think its an issue solely with chrome. This last link you suggested (reset of browser settings again showed no change ahhhh) is it the $25 one? just checking so we know we are spending our money on a safe download, as from reading above replies an unsafe download is how this started! thankyou everyone so much for your help, i have had a super busy day and haven't been able to get back to you so i apologize for that. Thanks so much guys , hopefully we can get this sorted soon!

king1, Apr 16, 10:03am
just click the download now button (not in an advert!)
no need to buy it

rodg.sue, Feb 11, 4:24am
woops good thing i checked, thanks so much, we are add free! never thought we would get there as we were totally over run with them! thanks so so so much!

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