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greyman55, May 24, 11:42pm
I purchased a Dish TV Freeview box (T1050PVR) and I have to point the remote directly at the sensor for anything to happen, If I point it and Im a bit off center It wont change channel or go to a different screen, I find that I cant place this box where the old Sky box used to be because the remote just wont work , yes the batteries are new and fully charged, surely you should just be able to point in the general direction and press a button for it to work, this is the way all my other remotes function

wayne416, May 24, 11:52pm
Bought a TV like that, found that looking with torch at sensor on TV it was not aligned with window, bent it to align and all good.

brycer, May 24, 11:55pm
possible warranty issue. Talk to supplier. When you say fully charged this implies you are using rechargeable batteries which only produce 1.2 or 1.25 volts rather than the usual 1.5. Suggest try with alkaline batteries.
Or as above poster has said. I have seen this before too.

greyman55, May 25, 3:20am
Thanks for the replies, Ill check out the alignment of the sensor, sorry by fully charged I meant brand new fully charged batteries, Ill also check it out from the supplier

greeny, Oct 16, 9:11am
Do you have CFL Bulbs if so try it with the lights off it may be a bulb that interfering with the signal ( works on sky boxes)

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