Internet speeds

My internet speed (per copper - ADSL) - has dropped recently.
Download speed is typically 11.27 Mbps and uploads 0.91 Mbps. During evenings, recently, my download speed has dropped to 5.85 Mbps and thereabouts. There has been no change in the upload speed.
Is that caused by the surge in folk streaming stuff via netflix, lightbox, neon, igloo, etc etc?

Is the effect on speed going to get worse or will there be any "fixes" or "tweeks' put in place to stop that interference in my casual (oldie) surfing?

I am not signed up to any of the various streaming options.

geek_grayemo, May 21, 1:10 pm

Yes, your neighbours are doing too much video streaming. Tell them to stop it!

geek_r.g.nixon, May 21, 1:26 pm

Yes. But the "fixes" or "tweeks' are serious infrastructure investment.

geek_cafc2012, May 21, 2:40 pm

Have you tried rebooting the modem

geek_smallfry, May 22, 2:40 am

Yes Craig - first thing i did. No change to the "pattern" described.

Is that what my neighbours are doing Ross! Sounds are such that lots of effort goes into the movie watching!

geek_grayemo, Oct 29, 4:55 pm

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