Is this working from home job a scam

cute_char, May 24, 5:25am

jezabell, May 24, 5:32am
There is a financial "initial" small outlay it says, you gunna give them your CC numbers? LOL

king1, May 24, 5:36am
of course its a scam and if you want another clue - have a look at the home page of the reference site

cute_char, May 24, 5:56am
Yup thought it sounded way too good to be true. Says on the site it's as easy as using facebook ect and you can get paid up to 200 a day but it doesn't say what you are doing. All you need to pay is $2 to set up the account I take it that is when you have to put in the CC details then I guess they will take out charges all the time that you don't know are for.

exwesty, May 24, 11:05am

Google search the images of the people they use.
Melissa Johnson from Sydney is also Melissa Johnson of Austin, Texas and also Melissa Johnson a mum from Wellington etc

lythande1, May 24, 7:16pm
They all are.

xxsaffyxx, May 24, 10:30pm
I followed up on one of those things with a phone call. Fortunately the guy at the end finally explained exactly what it was - gambling on the horses. They advertise that you can set up the account from home and they'll assist you with winning formulas. Glad he came clean early on, saved us both a lot of time.

newbie5, Oct 20, 8:54pm
The only way to make money online is to build a list of targeted buyers and market to them .
In other words find out what they want then sell it to them.
You can make money online working from home and there is good money to be made you just have to know how to do it right.

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