Connecting 2 modems together to extend the range?

lisb, Apr 2, 6:53pm
We have VDSL, can we connect a ADSL modem to our VDSL modem to extend the coverage around our house? Thanks

mrfxit, Apr 2, 7:22pm
Yes but it's not that simple.
There are a few settings to change inside the 2nd modem + it may end up on a different IP (internal house IP)
Thats not a big issues unless you share files between computers.
The 1st modem won't need any alterations

gyrogearloose, Apr 2, 8:16pm
What you're calling ADSL and VDSL modems actually each have a second part being the Wireless Routers. What you're describing is not using the modem in the second device, but connecting it with an ethernet cable to the first device and using the wireless router to make a second hotspot.

My suggestion is to instead turn off the wireless router in the first device, and instead purchase and connect a Wireless router with really good coverage, some of these have 3 aerials and will have better distance than the basic devices supplied by your ISP.

lisb, Apr 2, 8:49pm
We have purchased one we hope is better from the local hospice shop that has 2 aerials, Thanks for your help guys my son should be able to change the settings he knows way more then me lol, we knew it was possible but werent sure with the modems not being both VDSL. Will pop back later today if my son has any issues changing the settings after school he was very keen to set it up yesterday but I said we had to find out more first in case he killed the main modem lol

mrfxit, Apr 3, 12:07am
VDSL modems, in the router section which is where you connect the household ethernet cables, they are spose to be rated at up to Gigabyte speeds.
ADSL routers are normally rated at 100mbps.

Most of the data flows from the internet & ISP plans are only around 40 to 95mbps.

Even with Fiber connections, most are still held at around 95mbps max, unless you can afford a high speed "GigaTown" connection or own a business that NEEDS high speed data.

gyrogearloose, Apr 3, 5:49am
But the exact benefit of "GigaTown" is that the price of the high speed fibre connection = the price of an entry level fibre connection for 36 months after which it reverts to full price.

In the context of this thread, I'd be more worried that the device purchased from hospice includes an older 802.11B wireless router which would be noticeably slow compared to 802.11G, and won't have the power and performance of a new 802.11N router with good aerials.

russ18, Mar 27, 2:05pm
Had fibre connected a while ago. I put my old netgear router in our lounge, plugged from a live network jack into one of the routers lan ports and it worked, no settings to change.

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