Help with computer upgrade not working.

mrploppy, Apr 3, 10:09am
Looking for some guidance - I have upgraded my desk PC with a new motherboard and CPU (Asus B85M-E & Core i5 3.5GHz), everything else remains as before. However, turning on the power does nothing - no fans, no MB indicators, no indications at all that the PSU is working. Tried another PSU with same result (both PSU work in another PC). Checked connectors, removed all but MB power, still nothing. Any helpfull suggestions welcome.

r.g.nixon, Apr 3, 10:24am
So, removed RAM, drives, video card (if not onboard), even CPU? I'm not sure if you still get beeps from the BIOS without a CPU, but worth a try. You do have a CMOS battery and keyboard connected? Not sure but you could try no keyboard too. Oh, and check you have power from the wall socket or multibox socket, of course!
(No I'm not an expert).

drsr, Apr 3, 10:34am
Are you sure you connected the "ATX 12V" power connector as well as the EATXPWR connector? It needs both.

Front panel power switch connected to the motherboard OK? Try pulling all the front panel and disk connectors, all the PCI cards, and any USB cables, and then shorting just the power switch pins (PWR/GND) with a jumper.

mr-word, Apr 3, 10:35am
Is the motherboard grounded properly?
You can check the motherboard is getting power with a multimeter. You can
check 5V power from a molex plug.

mrploppy, Apr 3, 9:30pm
Yes, well it was late after a long day getting the system set up. I had forgot that the "AC ON" function has to be set up in the bios, and the initial state is to push the power ON button (with the front cables connected)!

drsr, Mar 25, 2:31am
Classic. :)

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