Samsung tab 1 10.1 charging issue.

daryl14, Mar 20, 8:41am
Just bought this old beat up tablet and done all the latest updates. It charged up to 35% and then displays a red x on the batt icon. The cable is brand new so Do I need a new charging port or battery? I have just ordered a replacement screen from aliexpress too.

rose22, Mar 20, 8:50am
Mines 3 yeard old, I charge everynight overnight, when mine wouldn't fully charge I plugged it in to charger for hours or 2 then unplugged and plugged it back in.worked after few days, all I can suggest sorry, im not that tech savvy.

suicidemonkey, Mar 20, 10:10am
Probably a bad battery.

accordb20a, Mar 22, 5:12am
are you using the genuine charger? it needs to output at least 2.1A to charge the tablet while its turned on.

daryl14, Mar 24, 9:43am
Yes I bought a Samsung branded USB cable from Techpoint and have it plugged into a 2.1 Amp wall adapter. The tab has now charged to 100% but still displays the red X on the battery icon when plugged in. Haven't found out what it means yet.
I realise the cable may or may not be a knock off.

brapbrap8, Mar 30, 4:17am
Any luck OP?
As I write this on my tab 10.1 it has just started doing the same thing!
Mine is completely standard with the original cable etc in good condition.
When I plug in the charger it cancels powersave mode, but the charge level doesn't show as increasing.
I calculated I have used it for well in excess of 7,000 hours so it has had a good run if it dies now.

soodanim, Mar 30, 8:49am
It's a common issue.

It's charger and/or cable relate. Not all are equal. You may need to try a few to get it right.

brapbrap8, Mar 30, 10:06am
Thanks, must be some wear in the cable somewhere by the sounds of it.

daryl14, Apr 5, 4:31am
Yes I have googled the question and looked over the info posted on the android forum. I have a new screen on the way so when I fit that I will check all internal cable connections and then perhaps look into a new internal charging cable.

Currently it seems to take well over 24 hours to charge.

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