Windows to mac

Hey, is it possible to move data from an internal HDD (NTFS) from a windows pc to an external HDD formatted in (HFS+) for a macbook.

geek_-cloud, Jun 26, 7:45 pm

If you're using Mac OS X, yes you can read from an NTFS drive, you just can't write to it.

If you're using Windows, you'll need some software like HFS Viewer to access the HFS+ drive.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 26, 7:47 pm

The NTFS hard drive is an internal one though. Is there an easier way rather than buying an adaptor?

Im thinking it might be easier to download the software and connect the external to the windows pc and do the transfer there?

geek_-cloud, Jun 26, 7:59 pm

Install HFS Explorer on the Windows PC and transfer files as above. Did this a couple of years ago on a Windows 7 machine and it worked flawlessly.

geek_puddleduck00, Jul 19, 9:01 am

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