External Hard Drive as a Back up tool

rai5, Feb 6, 1:55am
I am wanting to purchase one as I have been advised that my hard drive (just less than 2 years old) has some blank spots on it. Well that may not be the word he used but that's what I understand. The windows 7 has been reinstalled and I am have reinstalledhe other programs.

I cannot afford the top of the range and I want it purely to be able to replicate the current hard drive so if it fails,or before,I can have a hassle free reinstatement of my programs, documents, pictures, emails and internet favourites.

What advice can you give me in plain simple language (69yrs old) that I need to consider, as I assume one thing I need to consider is size of external hard drive to store what I have already.

Next question is. Generally speaking am I best to replace the hard drive or purchase a new computer? I have an acer aspire s3.

Is a USB drive the same thing as a memory stick, or is it another term for external hard drive?

Many thanks to all who can help.

exwesty, Feb 6, 2:22am
A 2 TB external hard drive in a case can be had for about $110 on special.

If you are backing up photos etc you want at least two methods or drives, one copy on the machine and two backup copies on separate media to be safe.

A USB memory stick , thumb drive etc is just a small a small portable version and are a more expensive type of storage.

r.g.nixon, Feb 6, 2:53am
This (free version) program is probably the best option for backup of everything. www.todo-backup.com/products/home/free-backup-software.htm
It does 'disk imaging' - what you need for Windows and Programs.
It does 'incremental' - after a full image, does subsequent changes only.
It does creating a 'WinPE bootable media for 'recovery' before your computer HDD dies.

rai5, Feb 6, 6:17am
Thanks for this. I have had a VERY quick look at that link. Is the back up stored physically away from my computer?

exwesty, Feb 6, 7:06am
The link is a program that will store your backup on a media that you buy and store.

Keep a copy on your computer.
Keep a copy on a backup hard drive in the wardrobe.
Keep a backup copy at a trusted friends place.

r.g.nixon, Feb 6, 7:14am
Yes. I suggest a 1 or 2TB USB 3.0 drive (much faster than USB 2.0).

rai5, Sep 5, 9:33am
Right thanks I think I understand now. It is the program that I can use to back up to the hard drive.

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