How to fully remove Registry Helper? ?

My son accidentally clicked on a pop up and a virus called Registry Helper has gotten into our computer.

Ive tried uninstalling but some parts wont uninstall. Ive scanned with malwarebytes which deleted about 800 dodgy items but seems there's still some on there.

Have Trend Security on the computer but doesn't seem to be doing much

geek_kizzier, Jun 7, 7:58 pm

download and install avast then do a full scan and then pick the option to do a boot scan

geek_sakkara, Jun 7, 8:08 pm

geek_sakkara, Jun 7, 8:09 pm

OP has Trend Micro on computer; installing avast might not be a good idea.

geek_chnman, Jun 7, 8:11 pm

The easiest way is to run System Restore and restore back to a date before he downloaded it. See if you have Windows 7. If not google it.

geek_joojoo_eyeball, Jun 7, 8:12 pm

well if its not working i would suggest uninstalling it sorry didnt want to write a 10 page help manual


geek_sakkara, Jun 7, 8:13 pm

Yes, uninstalling an antivirus/internet security program before replacing with another is always best. You'll find many AV/IS programs don't catch certain spyware, etc. Best would be to keep current security software and scan with Malwarebytes, and also adwcleaner as a start. Also using system restore as mentioned by someone else.

geek_chnman, Jun 7, 8:19 pm


It's windows 8. Ive tried that link. Nothing seems to be working.

Will a system restore definitely delete it?

geek_kizzier, Jun 7, 8:22 pm

Yes. When you run system restore, it restores the registry settings to settings saved on the date that you choose. Once that happens, Windows forgets all about the files and they are overwritten as data is added to the disk.

geek_joojoo_eyeball, Jun 7, 8:26 pm

geek_joojoo_eyeball, Jun 7, 8:28 pm

i find it funny that its always "my son /daughter/cat/or goldfish" that goes to the dodgy site" no one ever says i was browsing porn and guess what ?


geek_sakkara, Jun 7, 8:29 pm

Heh, teens do. They don't give a damn.

geek_joojoo_eyeball, Jun 7, 8:31 pm

geek_chnman, Jun 7, 8:37 pm

Lol no really, mr9 clicked something saying he'd won. grrr lol

Currently doing system restore. Thanks everyone!

geek_kizzier, Sep 9, 10:18 am

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