IPhone 4S - App Store Update Help!

tahnasha, Jun 12, 10:33am
I've just recently updated my software to the latest version 8.3. I've just gone into my App Store to update the rest of my software, cos the little red numbers came up, and when I click on say Chrome to update it, it's asking me to sign in to iTunes store and enter my apple ID and password. But the ID is the an old one I was using ages ago that was my husbands and he's forgotten the password and so have I. I then went into "Featured" located along the bottom of the screen in the App Store and scrolled to the bottom, signed out, then signed back in with my now Apple ID and entered my password. I closed the app then went back into it, and went to Update again and it's still asking for my husbands old Apple ID.

I then checked in my Settings and my iCloud is signed in under my ID correctly and so is my iTunes & App Store.

Am I missing something? It's only just started happening, although I can't remember if I have successfully updated software since I upgraded.

piperguy, Jun 12, 11:58pm
Probably find because the app was installed under his ID the updates also are attached to that. I would just delete the app and redownload it under your new apple ID

neoslowmo, Aug 24, 5:11am
it's under your husbands ID so it will not let you update it under your ID.
Delete it and re-download under your ID

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