Help . lost home phone inside house

springgrove, Apr 23, 3:42am
Ok so forgot what number you can call on your home phone to find another hand set that has been put down. somewhere. Can't remember what the 3 numbers you call to make your home phone ring. making it easier to find the lost phone. Any ideas. have tried google , but no luck.

asmawa1, Apr 23, 3:48am
Find handset function on the main base?

Otherwise ring yourself from a cellphone.

rainrain1, Apr 23, 5:11am
137 it is

mikep, Apr 23, 6:33am
Some cordless phones have an intercom function, where you push a button on one phone (usually the base) and a tone sounds on the other.

springgrove, Apr 23, 6:59am
Great thanks, Mother in law just has a cordless and a landline phone, carries the cordless. puts it down then can't find it. She forgot the number and we have a find my phone function on ours so have ever used this. Thanks for the help. :)

oclaf, Apr 24, 8:15am
I have never seen a cordless phone with out a "find handset" function of somesort.

cookee_nz, Apr 24, 8:26am
137 possibly only works on Telecom (Spark) connections (or carriers on-selling their service). Other providers have their own codes for various diagnostic functions. 136 also used to ring back but would give a long continuous ring rather than the normal cadence ring. There are various other codes, ie 1956 to confirm number of the line (ANAC = Automatic Number Announcement Call), or 1957, does same thing but without area code.

d.snell, Apr 24, 9:32am
It was either 136 or 137 that used to ring back with 1 long ring and when you answered it, it would be waiting for decadic dial pulses. It did 2 tests, Dial speed and Dial count test. I can't quite remember, but you either dialled 2 zeros to finish the test sequence or dialled 0 to 9, and when that was finished and tested OK., it reverted back to normal.

hbhana, Jan 17, 2:31pm
We had same issue at our house couple of days ago. Our cordless phone has room monitor function, so you can hear audio from the mic on the lost phone. I walked around the house trying to hear my own voice back. Couldn't hear it. Checked outside the house still couldn't hear it. Banged door on my wife's car and bingo. It was inside her car.

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