PC dummy here needing help please.

In the last 3 weeks whenever I start up my PC it turns on automatically when the wall switch is turned on. This is a new thing, usually I have to push the button on the tower before it will run. The screen that comes up is black with white writing on it.
At the bottom it says press F2 to resume, which is what I do and the PC continues to operate as it should.
It also says press F1 to set up. What happens if I press F1, will it fix the problem.
Since this all started my PC clock won't hold the time, no matter how many times I set it.
Apart from this it appears to run fine.
Any help much appreciated TIA.

geek_maclad, Jul 2, 5:44 pm

the issue with the clock losing time would say its time for another battery
this doesn't normally change the method of powerup though - it may just power right through without that halt once a new battery is fitted

geek_skin1235, Jul 2, 5:49 pm

geek_sprinter51, Jul 2, 6:05 pm

And if I do not replace battery will my PC die as it still has mains power. How does it all work.

geek_maclad, Jul 2, 6:56 pm

The battery supplies just a small amount of power to keep the bios and clock working

The PC will still work, but as you have found out, with some minor start up issues

Battery is easy and cheap to replace

Will give you some idea

geek_sprinter51, Jul 2, 7:26 pm

Thank you will investigate this weekend. Much appreciated.

geek_maclad, Jun 30, 4:17 am

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