Mystery language

canuck44, May 4, 7:19am
Hi. My outlook/Hotmail was apparently hacked as most of my contacts received an email from me (NOT) saying I was stranded in the Ukraine and need money.
I ran virus and malaware scans and removed anything that came up then changed my passwords as instructed. However when I open my email page all the headings are still in a foreign language. The folders I made are ok but things like Inbox junk mail delete etc are foreign. Any ideas ? as this is driving me nuts. Thanks for any help

hakatere1, May 4, 3:27pm
Phone ya phonebook.

terry012, May 4, 6:38pm
Bottom of your hotmail page. change language

canuck44, Dec 18, 9:52am
ahhh Terry thank you so much. I had to open each thing as they were in this foreign language but finally found it and all is back to normal.

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