jessebird, Jan 10, 6:47am
why does my printer print with lines, anyone know? new cartridge maybe?

kew, Jan 10, 6:51am
Stop printing lines.

jessebird, Jan 10, 8:36am
don,t need smart answers thankx

exwesty, Jan 10, 8:38am
Ink jet?
Print head needs cleaning as a jet is blocked.

jessebird, Jan 10, 8:57am

gammelvind, Jan 10, 9:09am
Run the clean and align programe that is in the printer. Worked with mine.

jessebird, Jan 10, 10:43pm
have done, no better.

ceebee2, Jan 10, 10:52pm
Vertical or horizontal. printer model please?

intrade, Jan 10, 11:10pm
you dont print enough things to get ink dry out on nozzles , if you dont print much you want a laser printer as they dont have this problem when seldom used for printing.

jessebird, Jan 11, 12:26am
HP Deskjet, vertical, color is very pinkish.

r.g.nixon, Jan 11, 12:30am
Do you use the printer at least once per month? If not, something has dried out. Also, you can get faulty ink cartridges. Are yours genuine ones from HP, or third-party clones?

jessebird, Jan 11, 12:47am

r.g.nixon, Jan 11, 12:51am
Never as reliable as originals.

joanie04, Jan 11, 1:06am
Does it a black cartridge and three separate coloured ones or black with a tri-colour cartridge? Ours has the three colour tanks and when they are getting low we sometimes have this problem. Not sure if this happens with the tri-colour.

king1, Jan 11, 1:11am
run the clean cycle again and again - often it will come right after a few times.

kevlight, Jan 11, 8:54am
take the carts out and if they have the print head on them;place them on a saucer with a paper towel in it ,with a little warm water,then check that the three colours ,are working, by gently wiping the print heads.

gyrogearloose, Jan 11, 9:33am
Buy a new printer, and when the ink alert comes up replace the cartridge quickly rather than ignoring it and letting the print channels on the heads run completely dry and never work again.

Ink is like paint, it flows better when it's wet. Let the paint dry on the brush and it just won't be as good as a new brush.

melonhead1, Jan 11, 9:39am
If you're not into printing photos then get a Laser printer. No 89 years of cleaning before each print and they just work.

jessebird, Jan 12, 8:27am
Thanx for all your help, i got a new color cartiridge just to be sure.

exwesty, Jan 12, 9:25am
How much did the new cartridge cost you?

For probably $10- 15 more than the cost of a refill you could have bought a new printer with starter cartridges and a 12 month warranty.

sprinter51, Jan 13, 9:30am
What is the number on the Cartridge
HP22 etc

jessebird, Jan 14, 8:49am
Hp 22 for Hp Deskjet, now color is blur, done all cleaning etc, i give up ggrr.
may just buy new one.

jessebird, Jan 14, 9:59am

sprinter51, Jan 25, 3:06pm
Yes the HP F2100 does use the series 22 for colour and 21 for black :-)
Hold the bottom of the cartridge (printhead) against a damp tissue for 5 seconds then while holding against the tissue very slowly draws the cartridge down
It should leave 3 very strong lines of the 3 colours
If it didn??

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