Please help. before laptop meets an axe.

My laptop is a win7pro, browser is opera. Tonight I was on facebook, chatting to a friend, I clicked on a group, to have a look at something, and the entire frigging thing froze. I couldn't scroll up or down the page, couldn't comment to my friend, nothing. I tried closing facebook and couldn't. When I finally got the page to close, my laptop took a couple of attempts to disconnect from the wifi. This has happened a few times, delayed disconnection. I have run malwarebytes which came back clean, and am currently doing a full system virus scan. What could be causing this?

geek_angelbabe6, Jul 2, 6:55 pm

It's a laptop, so overheating is quite possible. Or cosmic rays corrupting the RAM. Or a HDD error. Or an Opera bug - are you on the latest version?

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 30, 3:52 pm

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