Windows 10, upgrading from 8.1

I listen to The Computer Guru on Tunein radio and he says if you are running 8.1 then upgrade now as Windows are stopping the support for 8.1 sometime soon.
I would like to do the upgrade, but have not done a backup of my system And really do not know how to go about it.
Is all a bit daunting for me, any help would be gratefully received.

geek_sarah1955, Aug 4, 1:12 pm

Upgrading from 8.1 to 10 will not lose any of your data or programs. However, you should continue doing backups of your personal data - as per usual (am I assuming too much?)

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 4, 1:37 pm

How do I back up my personal data, also we use MS money as a record for our rental property and I hear it will not work with windows 10.
Any free programs that are similar?

geek_sarah1955, Aug 4, 1:53 pm

Windows 8.1 is fully supported out to 2018 and is under set ndes support for another 5 years after that.

No need to brush an upgrades.

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 4, 2:13 pm

I have just finished installing Windows 10, it went very well, no hiccups but there is the odd tweak I will have to sort otherwise everything is there. Even my display pic.

geek_cleggyboy, Aug 4, 2:17 pm

Using a backup program. There are some good free ones. I use Note that it can also do "images", which is basically a backup of everything. So for personal data, ignore the 'image' & 'clone' options.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 4, 2:31 pm

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 4, 2:33 pm

Thanks all, looks like I will hold off for now till MS sort out the MS Money issues.

geek_sarah1955, Aug 4, 3:08 pm

MS won't be sorting it. The program is old and has been unsupported for many years. People on that link have got it working themselves.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 4, 3:13 pm

r.g.nixon wrote:
MS won't be sorting it. The program is old and has been unsupported for many years. People on that link have got it working themselves.[/quote

Buggar lol!
Don't think I am smart enough to get it working myself.

geek_sarah1955, Aug 4, 3:17 pm

MS wont be dropping support for 8.1 for a number of years yet so I wouldnt worry about that aspect right now. That said I would still upgrade to 10 within the next year while the free upgrade over is available

geek_csador, Aug 4, 3:54 pm

I use the now free MS Money Plus ("Sunset Deluxe") but not yet moved to Win 10, but if you or someone you know is tech minded, you might want to read the following: Also some free software, though have never used personally:

geek_chnman, Aug 4, 5:01 pm

You get 15 mins to delete a post, don't you?

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 5, 1:45 pm

I don't know. OK I'll try

geek_midnight42, Aug 5, 1:50 pm

I found one important feature that has been omitted, editing and paint seems to be no longer, unless I'm not looking in the correct place for it.

geek_cleggyboy, Aug 6, 6:45 pm

They are there, just type the name into the search box

geek_mattnzw, Aug 6, 6:53 pm

Found them now thanks, a lot are hidden in Windows Accessories.
From there one can pin to start or task bar so that is good.

geek_cleggyboy, Mar 18, 4:52 pm

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