Can't get google app on Ipad mini?

vintage_betty, Mar 8, 6:08am
Mr 9 has an Ipad mini but we can't get google on it? When we go to the App Store and search for it, it says "get" but it is in a lighter blue (like it is already been downloaded) and then when you click on it nothing happens! Same as chrome and google+. Google earth etc we can download if we want. He really needs google, any ideas please!?

gammelvind, Mar 8, 6:30am
Is it downloaded and over the page? Try swiping several pages to the left.

I find Google saved in Safari much easier to use than the separate app.

hodiah2, Mar 8, 7:09am
swipe the home screen down from the top -- should show search -- search for Google. the app is probably there. That search also searches the net for whatever you search for also so you don't absolutely need Google BUT Like the person above I usually use Google saved as a page in Safari. If you're logged in, then you can swap to all the other apps of Google such as mail and docs.

vintage_betty, Jun 8, 2:56pm
Thanks. Have saved it as a page in Safari. Never thought to do that!

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