newbie5, May 2, 7:49am
If I got one of those bluetooth things you just put on your ear for my mobile do i have to get anything fitted to my car for it to work in there or do they work as is.

skin1235, May 2, 7:58am
turn on bluetooth on your phone, make sure it has found the device and pair it, good to go

newbie5, May 2, 8:26am
So nothing needed for in car just the phone and ear device then.

mikep, May 2, 8:57am
Some of the newer cars have radios that will detect an incoming call (via the smart phone dock) and mute the stereo while the call is active.

However I don't think that applies in this case.

skin1235, May 2, 9:00am
should be all self contained, the bluetooth device has a rechargeable battery, it may need recharging via the cig lighter/usb

newbie5, May 2, 9:43am
Yep got all that thanks skin.
Sure works out cheaoer than getting the car all wired up and fitted with a bluetooth system.

skin1235, May 2, 9:49am
I've seen them, never tried one, do you have any idea range of from phone to headset?, seems most have about 4 to 5 hrs talk time ( so in my case would last months ) 10 days on standby, I have 10 days on my phone its gets charged more often than it is used, probably 4 charges to one phone call, often find it sitting in the car run flat

I do my talking on here, lol, at least most of you guys don't tell me to STFU ( well not many of ya do)

newbie5, May 2, 10:45am
I dont know about range but you can have your phone in your pocket and just answer with the headset.

wron, May 2, 11:51am
What are they called, and recommended brands? Thanks.

newbie5, May 3, 3:03am
Just go and ask at a mobile shop

skin1235, Dec 20, 10:13pm
Bluetooth headset, or headphones, several brands

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