thereason, May 6, 11:17pm
My hotmail and gmail accounts both say that they are unsupported by my browser and I must download the latest version. Yet when I click on the safari link there is nothing to download. So frustrating.

mrfxit, May 6, 11:24pm
What brand/version browser
Simplest way around it is to download either "Firefox" or the slimmed down version called "Palemon"

tillsbury, May 7, 12:17am
Have you got a very old version of Safari running? What operating system are you running? (click the apple and "about this mac", you want to be on 10.10.3)

gibler, May 7, 12:26am
It is because the Apple gods say "you may only have the latest version of some Apple applications by having the latest version of OS X".

mrfxit, May 7, 12:32am

App size
Features available
O/s compatibility

There are several reasons why they don't make things backward compatible.

Some I agree with, some I don't

thereason, May 7, 1:03am
It says 10.7.5 Is that helpful? Just did an update to Yoshimite a month ago. Im not too clever on the computer. Its very confusing for me. Would Yoshemite have anything to do with not being able to use my old classic iPod? It seems to have died suddenly.

pyro_sniper2002, May 7, 1:09am
If you are on 10.7.5 you have not completed the upgrade to Yosemite. If you had you would be on 10.10.3.

suicidemonkey, May 7, 1:51am
There's actually a lot of sense in doing that.

tillsbury, May 7, 3:46am
Yes, update to Yosemite as soon as possible. That will load the latest version of Safari, which is heaps better and will run your websites without issues.

lettice, May 7, 4:04am
I want to download Yosemite and the latest Pages. I am holding back because I am working on a large document in Text Edit and don't want to find that it eighteen disappears or can't be opened in Yosemite's version of TE. I am currently using 10.9.5. Should I risk it?

soneyah, May 7, 1:09pm
get firefox

suicidemonkey, May 7, 1:27pm
It will be fine.

If you're worried, copy the document to Google Docs just in case. I don't do any word processing offline anymore.

tillsbury, Dec 12, 4:25pm
TextEdit is one program you can guarantee will always be able to open its own files!

Yes if you're on 10.9 (Mavericks) just go for Yosemite. Stay up to date.

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